Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: Taylor Momsen

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Gossip Girl star Jenny Humphrey certainly has a unique fashion sense. But how does her style stack up with the youngster who plays her, Taylor Momsen? Let's take a look in this Gossip Girl fashion comparison ...

Jenny Humphrey Picture
Taylor Momsen in Yellow

Jenny and Taylor certainly have different senses of style.

She may not have the big fashion budget of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, but Dan's little sis does have a hipster sense of style. Jenny Humphrey uses it to spruce up her school uniform with cute little details like her funky bracelets, slip-on sneakers and tube socks.

Meanwhile, Taylor Momsen goes for both comfort and style in one of this year's biggest trends - a yellow dress (by Alice + Olivia) - adding flirty peep-toe pumps and bright red nails. Taylor looks awfully cute ... for a 14-year-old, especially. Did we mention she's 14?

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Oh my god, definitly Taylor !


bitch in the yellow is cute....


i luv both. jenny's style is more preppy while taylor momsen's style is more cute and sunny.
buuut for me, i'd probably chooose taylor momsen's clothes cuz i'm not much of a prep..


i think they both look cute but i like teylors style more than jennys which iz wierd cuz there like the same person


I love Taylor's actual style. While I do enjoy her on-screen look, it's a bit too...out there for me. personally. I live on a little base in germany and have probably the craziest sense of style here. Have I mentioned that the most...out there thing I've ever been brave enough to wear was a green plaid dress, white tights and purple flats. I got some wierd looks and I honestly did not look THAT bad. So, back to the point. While I do admire Jenny's clothes, I would much rather have Taylor's.

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