Grey's Anatomy Spoilers, Gossip For Episode 11

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Only one completed episode of Grey's Anatomy remains unaired, pending the resolution of the writers' strike, and TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has got some more scoop on that episode - as well as some potential Grey's Anatomy spoilers from it.

George Loses It

Follow the jump to see what he has to say about Episode 11 of Season 4, which will air early next year and possibly be the last Grey's for some time. There's nothing too big in these spoilers, but shield your eyes if you don't want hints ...

Question: You mentioned a while back that George's mom was returning to Grey's Anatomy. Did the strike push that back?

TV Guide: That's what I'm hearing. According to my Seattle Grace mole, Mama O'Malley's return â€" originally slated for November sweeps â€" was delayed until Episode 11, aka the show's final pre-strike episode. That probably explains why George O'Malley had little to do during the just-wrapped two-parter. Why'd they move her out of sweeps? Well, when it became clear that episode 11 might be the final hour of Grey's Anatomy we get in a long time, the script underwent "massive rewrites" to ramp up the drama and add several cliff-hangers â€" one of which involves George's old lady. "They're pretty big bombshells," says the source. "Basically, everyone's futures are left up in the air."

Well, not everyone's. By the end of the episode, there will be little doubt which direction the Mer/Derek/Rose triangle is headed in.

Question: Earlier this season, you teased that someone's getting divorced on Grey's Anatomy, and it's not who we'd expect. After reading your Miranda Bailey narration spoiler, it has me thinking that it's her.

TV Guide: I can neither confirm nor deny that Bailey will be getting a divorce this season on Grey's Anatomy.

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I L*O*V*E Callie with George! I hope they stay together! Him and Izzie is just weird...idk for some reason it doesnt work. There is absolutely no way Bailey and Tucker could be getting a divorce! I'm going to be so upset if they do! Der and Mer just make a great couple. I think that in order for the show to go on though, they are going to have to stay going in circles with each other. Where did rose come in though? I just dont like her for him!


CAllie and mcsteamy all the way =]


Well, I'm a Mer/Der fan and I wish they would just get together for once and be happy. The only time they were happy was at the very begining but then Addison shows up and in the 3rd season until Meredith almost dies. I really hope McDreamy doesn't go for Rose and I hope Meredith and him can just work out their problems. I think they will end up with each later but later is a long time from now especially with the whole strike thing. I wish they would just settle this whole issue and we could get back to new shows. I'm tired of watching reruns from 3 weeks ago.


Hey guys: I agree with most of you about our Grey's Anatomy characters but I'm still having a hard time accepting Georoge and Izzie as a couple! I loved Izzie with Denny and it really broke my heart when he died. It seems like Izzie turned into an emotional wreck after his death and just couldn't pull it together. I think she and George are much better off as "best friends". I think I could accept them as a couple better if he hadn't married Callie. I like Callie..........but not with George! I think George and Izzie should both be with someone else. George needs to grow up and Izzie needs a break from romance. I love Mer/Der but I don't like the way they keep going around in circles in their relationship. I believe they love each other but Meredith has too many emotional problems for him. He wants marriage and she needs to get herself together before she loses him. She needs psychiatric help!! I also love Alex but not with Ava. If Ava wasn't married with the new baby, they would be a great couple. I like what he told her in the last episode. "Your name is Rebecca and you're playing dress up as Ava. You are married with a baby at home." She keeps coming to the hospital to escape her real life and have the fantasy affair with him. Alex isn't ready to commit to anyone. I pitiful any woman who falls in love with him! Lexie better watch out because her heart is already getting broken by him. Alex can be a real asshole but he is for real and very sexy!! Dr. Baily is my favorite female character on the show. I don't want her marriage to end! Tucker has been married to her long enough to be more understanding about her career. I hope they can get it together soon. I want the chief to remain married to Adele. She's another one who needs to be more understanding. But if they no longer love each other, then the chief needs a new partner. I have always believed that "true love" can get you through anything! Mark is such a manwhore! There is no way he should ever get his hands on Dr. Hahn. He only wants her because she doesn't want him and she is a very big challenge for him. If he ever gets with her, he'll treat her just like the other women that he has been to bed with. He's a fine hunk of a man, but bad news for a relationship!! GREY'S ANATOMY FOREVER!!


shonda rhimes definately deserves more money if she wants it!!!!! her work is genius...i just wish the strike would be over already!!! i had quite biting my nails but now i started again because the strike makes me so depressed!!!!! meredith & derek will obviously end up together in the end of everything so don't worry fans. they are the first 2 charactors to be shown when the show began and they will be the last.


George and Izzie must be together they have amazing chemistry.I love the show so i will keep watching it regardless of what will happen in the next episodes.But it will make me much happier to see George and Izzie together!!!!<-Best couple ever seen on Tv .


I love Grey's Anatomy regardless of what happens to the characters. I love all the characters on the show except for Burke, so I'm glad he's gone. I'm slightly sad that Addison left for her own boring spin off though, I thought she was amazing. However I don't get why everyone is so pissed over the George and Izzie thing, I personally think they look stupid together. If everyone is going to get pissed and stop watching the show over George and Izzie breaking up then they were never true fans of the show in the first place, because they haven't been a couple that long. Sure they've always been friends, and by the sound of it, they always will be. So get over it. If they break up and move on good for them! I love the show regardless of what happens to the characters. Sure it gets frustrating at times, but without the frustrating parts, and everything that goes on Grey's Anatomy wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy. I'm a true loyal fan unlike some of you who simply gave up on the show. I own seasons 1, 2 and 3 on dvd. :) ps. I do agree that the writer strike needs to end because I need my weekly dosage of Grey's Anatomy.


I am becoming more and more bored with MerDer - he seems to be bored too. Meredith could be disappointed as one day she realizes he was less patient than she expected and is not interested. He was married for 10 years and is dating a girl far younger than he is, who doesn't really know what she wants/ is not ready for a serious relationship/ both. He is, being actually the age he should have kids already, if he ever plans to have any. Izzie desperately needs a feeling she is loved or at least desired. If she cannot be loved (Denny died), she takes anything she can get from anyone else. George and Izzie are both good, compassionate and very emotional - that's what caused they are such good friends. He is very open to her needs and that's what created Gizzie (ans some alcohol too...) After the night they spent together tehy both live in a kind of suspention, worried what they should do and what all the other people could think... Seems nice, but is it really love?
I pity Callie, she must have thought she is really loved if she decided to get married. George certainly was her McDreamy.... I admire her dignity.
No solution will be good here.... As far as Alex is concerned - well, he has his sins, but I like him, especially after one talk with Lexie in the elevator, when he told her about the alcohol problem of his own father. He can be also very compassionate, caring and emotional. Remember carrying Izzie out of the Denny's room, caring for Ava when she looked so terribly after the accident, taking care of her baby and many other babies - that really moved Addison from time to time when she told him he is doing far more than he was expected. Many times he tried to help others - even Lexie with drinking Mr Grey. Another thing is he doesn't do it well sometimes but he wants his best. I definitely disapprove his relationship with Ava , the one with Izzie was not okay too. I don't like his sense of humour sometimes - like "Bethany Whisper" joke. He is definitely one of the most interesting characters in this show. Another is Christina - well, finally Burke couldn't stand her.... Will Meredith repeat the same with Derek? hope not. She is terribly career focused strange person, who seems to regret what happened; but her terrible egoism and egocentrism prevents her from believing she is to blame and he really left her never to come back. Hahn seems to be an older mental clone of Christina. If they both want to finish lonely and perfect specialists than they are on their best way! Good luck! My favourite character is Bailey :) She is soooo real Hope the strike will be over soon!


I want Calie to move on and show that shes stronger then what Geogre put her through. :)

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.