Rebecca Budig Talks About All My Children Return

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January 15 marks the last appearance on All My Children for Sabina Singh.

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While this may upset some of that actress' fans, others are just excited that Rebecca Budig is taking over the role of Greenlee again. She recently spoke with ABC about the decision to come back:

Is there anything you want to tell All My Children fans about your return to the show?
I want to say, "Please welcome me back." 'Cause I'm scared as hell that they won't! [Laughs] And I'm really excited to be back. I hope they ask all their friends to watch and get excited about the show again…. I think it's gonna turn a corner.

You can't doubt that the fans want you back.
I know that they've been loyal and really supportive and sweet. When I'm out and I meet people, they say really nice things to me. I'm just really thankful to the fans. Love the daytime fans.

What convinced you that now's the time to come back as Greenlee?

It just sort of worked out, the timing and everything. My life is in L.A. right now, and there's a lot of things that they did to make this easier for me. [ABC Daytime president] Brian Frons knows how to make things look really good!

What do you think of Sabine Singh's portrayal of Greenlee?
I think she brought in a different perspective on the character. Obviously, I played this character for six years and I have a different take on Greenlee. But I think she did a great job!

All My Children spoiler alert! It will turn out that Greenlee is not responsible for Spike's deafness. At some point, Kendall will tell Greenlee that it's an inherent medical condition.
Oh my God, I'm so relieved to hear that. Otherwise, how do you forgive her?

We've got another spoiler. Your first scene is a party at Fusion, and there's even a "Welcome Home Kendall and Greenlee" banner.

Oh, that's cool! I'm really excited to work with Alicia Minshew (Kendall), Aiden Turner (Aidan), Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Thorsten Kaye (Zach). I've missed my friends. And I love Greenlee and Kendall together because Alicia and I have so much fun together. I'm really looking forward to that.

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Rebecca seems to think just becomes she comes back that the show will turn around. She thinks too highly of herself. ABC sucks for treating their actors like they are not important and can be easily replaced. I mean the real greenlee blah. This girl is horrible and has no depth. Can't wait til it gets cancelled. Haha!


I beieve Sabine was doing such a fantastic job that it bothered Rebecca and knew if she didn't make her move now she would of never of gotten her role back. Sabine to me will always be the real Greenlee and I think everyone involved should be ashamed how they handled this. I know they are just portraying characters but there are real people behind them like Sabine and she was done so wrong. I'm done with AMC as so many of my friends are. I really hope alot of others boycott it and the ratings show and Frons, Julie and whomever else say boy (we f'd up) Someone will pick you up soon Sabine and me and many else will follow and always be fans.


Sabine was ok...I feel bad for THE WAY Sabine got kicked to the curb maybe they can find something else for her. However, Rebecca IS Greenlee. i am sooooo happy that Rebecca is back. I watched that Lifetime movie just because she was in it and I thought to myself..."awww..I miss rebecca"


I can't tell you how grateful I am that you will be returning to AMC. We've missed the "fire" that you bring to the character of Greenlea and look forward to more exciting episodes of the dynamic duo of Rebecca and Alicia.
Welcome home!


Thank Goodness Rebecca is returning to AMC. When I saw the new Greenlee's acting, it was so stiff and unnatural, I prayed for Rebecca's return. I NEVER post to websites, but, I posted to get rid of the new Greenlee and get Rebecca back. My prayers were answered. Thanks, ABC!


glad shes back but i wish she'd do porn


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