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"September 8, 2009"

Kendall boasts to Zach and Jesse that Emma is the key to finding proof that Annie killed Stuart. Erica's producer advises her that while her piece on frica...

"September 10, 2009"

Talking about their kiss, Scott assures Annie that he's not moving out. David agrees to keep the baby named Trevor and not David Jr.David warns Amanda that...

"January 26, 2009"

Impressed with how Brot calmed Emma, Frankie offers him a job as an orderly. Remembering how she killed Richie, Annie imagines him in he...

"July 6, 2009"

Randi tells Henry that she did as he asked. She now wants him to drop the charges against Kendall as promised. He's astounded that he w...

"September 23, 2009"

Erica slaps Annie and pushes her into a stall in the ladies' room. The two argue as Annie jokes about her relationship with Ryan. Later, back dancing with ...

"June 8, 2009"

JR resents when Marissa defends David. He points out all the doctor has done to try to ruin him. Marissa mentions her own losses and re...

"July 15, 2009"

Test results show David is not the father of Liza's baby. Stunned, he guesses the fix is in. Marissa dares him to care about his daughter. David apologizes...

"May 27, 2009"

Liza announces she's taking Adam's daughter away from him. Adam laughs but she claims she wants to save her. Colby interrupts and blast...

"September 24, 2009"

Randi asks Frankie to tell Madison he will divorce her. Frankie claims he will never do what Madison demands. Tad tries to keep David busy on camera. Amand...

"February 6, 2009"

Jesse finds the bag in David's piano. Krystal guesses that Tad had something to do with this and was working with Jesse. Denying it, Je...

All My Children Quotes

Erica Kane: [indicating Adam] Oh, this isn't my friend; this is my ex-husband.
Adam Chandler: One of many. I'm third from the end - at least, I think so; I haven't seen Erica for a couple of days.

Zachery Slater: Hey, maybe you want to talk about something, you know?
Erica Kane: Why on earth would I bear my scars to you?
Zachery Slater: Maybe I can help you, be a friend.
Erica Kane: A friend? Oh, no. Please, no more friends, please. I have had it up to here with people who have claimed to be my friend. Who say that they only mean well and they want to help me and they only have my best interest at heart.
Zachery Slater: That sounds like someone who's been burned pretty badly.
Erica Kane: Don't shrink me, Mr. Slater. I can see straight through you. Yeah, be hind this nice, sympathetic smile is someone that wants something.
Zachery Slater: Like what?
Erica Kane: Well, why don't you tell me? You're the one who activated your, ahem, search engine. How would you like it if I did a little sneak peek into your past, did a little search on you? Everyone is hiding something, Mr. Slater. How deep and dark are your secrets? Oh, I am very sure you're hiding quite a lot, but you know what, I don't care, keep your secrets to yourself. The last thing I need in this world is another so-called friend that I should trust my life with, because it only dead-ends in betrayal.

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