Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer Off As the World Turns

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As Days of Our Lives fans deal with the firing of two popular actors from that show, As the World Turns followers have this news to digest:

An insider has told that Jennifer Landon (Gwen Norbeck) and Jesse Soffer (pictured, Will Munson) will exit As the World Turns sometime before spring.

Soffer joined the show in September 2004, portraying play the downtrodden Will Munson. He's the fourth actor to play the part, but the first to take on the character as a teenager and young adult.

Meanwhile, when Landon first appeared on As the World Turns in March 2005, her work as Gwen was originally expected to be a one-shot deal. But fans took to the character quickly and show executives liked Landon so much that the actress was given a long-term contract.

Scott Bryce has also recently been let go from the show.

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Iam surpised to see that Jennifer Landon ( Qwen ) is leaving. Is that really true. If so, what will she do after that. Let me know because I would like to see her act. Thank you Deena


When i heard this from my brother who is always on The Buzz I refused to believe it! Both Will and Gwen do such a good job! Both of them are incredible actors and I would really hate to see them leave. I have been a fan of As The World Turns since I was twelve years old. Please say it isn't so!!!!


What? Gwen and Will are leaveing? Why?


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