Justin Chambers Checks Into UCLA Psych Ward

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Actor Justin Chambers, who plays Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy, checked himself in to the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center this week.

A rep for Chambers, who has five children with wife Keisha, said he was "exhausted and suffers from a sleeping disorder" and "went in voluntarily to get help."

A Justin Chambers Photo

Justin Chambers' character remains one of Grey's Anatomy's best.

Interestingly, Chambers was in the same ward where Britney Spears is currently being treated for bipolar disorder, having been admitted early this morning.

Justin checked in Monday and left yesterday. Here's hoping he got the help he needs and is feeling better! We need him for those Izzie-Alex scenes...

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Omg, it seems like Carole, Britney, Sabrina, Holly, marmar, Daniella and Telly is one and the same person..


who cares. He's just an actor. you losers need to get a life. Drag those fat butts of yourself from in front of the boob tube and start living, you braindead drones.


I do not have a comment about Alex and Izzy. I don't really care I just love the show!! I just want to tell Justin Chambers that I appreciate the phone call my husband requested of you. Sorry I wasn't a bit more awake!! Good luck to you and the cast for the next season. Can't wait to see all the new episodes. My husband says you are a really cool down to earth guy. Wish I was there to meet you.


No mamar, Alex and Izzie are th god-most awful couple on the planet, I throw up just watching them. George and Izzie are the best!


Alex and Izzie make me want to tear my skin off they are so excruciatingly painful to watch. They are gross and have no chemistry. And just thinking of them makes me want to puke. George and Izzie are beautiful, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy watching them and they are the best couple this show has ever come up with. Without them, I do not want to watch.


George and izzie are the worst couple I have ever seen in my life they make me wanna throw up
alex and izzie have the best chemistry


Boo to Alex and Izzie, they are the most disgusting couple on Earth and George and Callie are almost as bad, go George and Izzie!


I HATE Alex and Izzie, go Gizzie!


Alex and Izzie make me physically ill. I am serious, I always felt like I was going to throw up during their disgusting sexfests. And Izzie said it herself, she only used Alex to feed her sexual beast. When she got true love with Denny, she dumped his sorry butt without one look back. And later again, she rejected him in favor of true love with George. The funny thing is Izzie describes her first time with George as the best sex of her life, so Alex was not even her best sex experience, LOL. Seeing Alex and Izzie togetehr is the most excruciating pain ever so I pray to God they do not go there except if it is for her to break his heart again and have them over once and for all. I am tired of his pathetic crush on her, makes him look like a sad little dog, quite pathetic


I HATE HATE HATE Alex and Izzie together, George and Callie have negative chemistry and are boring. I am totally rooting for George and Izzie, I love them to death.


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