Katharine McPhee Dropped From Her Record Label

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A Katharine McPhee Photo
This is getting ugly.

First, Ruben Studdard was dropped from his record label. Then, the same fate befell Taylor Hicks.

Now, Katharine McPhee has parted ways with RCA after just one album, a 2007 self-titled affair that debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200.

The former American Idol finalist struggled to connect with a wide audience with her CD, which was led by the single "Over It." That track topped out at No. 22 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream chart and No. 29 on the Hot 100. The album has sold just 366,000 units in the United States.

As McPhee said last year, she quickly realized the art of the compromise when it came to record the album, fresh off the road from the "American Idols Live" tour.

For example, Katharine fell in love with two tracks from producer Ryan Leslie, but then they wound up not making the cut. "I'm learning that's the way it goes in this business," she said. "You give and you take."

Hopefully, fiance Nick Cokas can at least help to cushion McPhee's fall.

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Yeh I know you mcphans don't like my posts but now that RCA dropped Kat I don't see much happening with Mcphee till after she makes the monumental mistake of marrying the 43 yr old pervert Nick Cokas.Since he has a hand in her indie movie I don't see anything good happening there either since he has failed as a director so far. Maybe he thinks the sexy McPhee will help but married to him makes her no longer sexy.This year Sexy Hair will probably drop her also since her marriage will decrease her markability.If she records another album, even if it's with David Foster that will fail too as her fan appeal is only her McPhan Base. Appearances at County Fairs is about all that will be left for her, or maybe her and him in viagra commercials and that a shame because she does have talent, but Cokas is more important to her than her fans.And most likely she'll be pregnant soon so Good Luck Katharine,