Katherine Heigl Throws Birthday Party For Josh Kelley

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Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl threw a fun, yet mellow birthday party for her husband, Josh Kelley's 28th birthday Tuesday night.

The newlyweds started by gathering 10 close friends, including Katherine Heigl's pal and cast-mate T.R. Knight, for dinner in a private room at hotspot Katsuya Hollywood. There they noshed on Heigl's hand-picked menu of Kobe beef, rock shrimp, miso cod and spicy tuna on crispy rice.

"It was important to me to celebrate Josh's birthday in a fun and intimate way," Heigl, who turned 29 and got married in December, said. "I just wanted tonight to be in an environment we both really love and we really love this place. This was the perfect combination of an intimate dinner with friends and a bigger thing at the bar where everyone can kick back and enjoy each other, but it's still mellow."

After dinner, the festive birthday party headed next door to SBE's S Bar to toast Josh Kelley's new album, Special Company.

Guests - including Josh Kelley's band mates, Zach Braff, Haylie Duff, Brooke Burns, David Charvet, Kristin Cavallari, Shane West, Jonathan Schaech and Jamie-Lynn Sigler - mingled by the bar or danced, to a mix heavy on the '80s tunes.

The Wife
She's A Pretty Girl
The Kelleys

Katherine Heigl drank champagne (as Josh Kelley sipped on vodka cranberry cocktails) while she roamed the tables and welcomed all their friends.

When she wasn't playing hostess, Katie and Josh were playful with each other. "It's been a great year... it's been a really great year! I'm still getting used to that word husband," says the Grey's Anatomy star.

Just before midnight, the happy couple danced in the middle of the lounge to The Cars' "Just What I Needed," and Katherine Heigl wrapped her arms around her husband of one month's neck as they kissed.

Servers brought out a chocolate cake lit with candles and the entire place sang "Happy Birthday" to Kelley - followed by another kiss from Heigl.

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Sooo who is Josh Kelley? What has he done. Never heard any of his stuff. So he's a nobody...he isn't even that good looking...just cashing in on the grunge look. And her movies have they actually made money and been in the theatres for longer than two days? A bunch of D-listers gotta agree.


My behnd it was a night with close friends. More like a clever PR list of D listers


That is definitely an interesting guest list. I love how being on an MTV reality series means that you automatically are someone now.


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