Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas: Married

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Katharine McPhee, Nick Cokas Pic
Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas got married yesterday in Beverly Hills, exchanging vows in a late afternoon ceremony at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church.

"(Nick) is the love of my life," McPhee gushed to People magazine. "This is a once in a lifetime occasion and everything is just perfect."

McPhee wore a strapless ivory Manuel Mota gown and Neil Lane jewels (diamond and platinum chandelier earrings and diamond and platinum bracelets), while Cokas wore an Armani tuxedo.

Fellow season five American Idol contestants Kellie Pickler and Mandisa were among the 305 guests on hand for the nuptials.

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It's sad that people think that by looking at the outside of a relationship they can decide how functional it is. Also, unless you've tried to do something as courageous as American Idol you shouldn't be putting Katharine down. She's doing the best with what she's got. Leave her alone. Not everyone lives in a glass house so let those that do be. Congrats on the wedding - I hope that Katharine and Nick are extremely happy!


Same sick message everywhere,PP!.What cradle were you robbed from?Possibly from a den of wolves...did the big, bad,Daddy wolf hurt you?????You need help!


From the sweet innocent girl who sang God Bless The Child fighting a bulemia problem to the girl who realized her body was the way to get attention.And to think she had the nerve to say she wanted to be a role model for younger girls! Do you really think that yellow dress incident wasn’t on purpose? Do you really think she was sick as the reason for not joining the tour or was it to spend time with Nick working on his big flop Red Herring which didn’t sell enough to stay open but a few days? I do give kat alot of credit in the way she has used her fans for her own personal gain like telling you to buy her music and voting for her and other things to benefit her.In the meantime she was laughing all the way to the bank.She does have a serious mental problem in her fascination of old men, which tends the thinking that her boyfriend probably her own age before Nick left her and it hurt her and that opened the door for Nick to walk in and console her.also katfans since you know or not that dear old Nick hasn’t got a paycheck since he did a few lines years ago on the famous Ghost and Mrs Muir show,so who do you think has been supporting him?The “Last Caller� movie you heard about hasn’t started production because no one probably wants to finance a Nick Cokas film.Anyway after reviewing her comments prior to her album coming out and the comments after it came out I knew it was a matter of time before RCA would show her the door.She handled that just like her idol Hillary Clinton who also likes to change her mind alot. She was told to get into the charity game so she would gain recognition and did admirably.Anyway I could go on and on but it would run about 40 pages,so I’ll just say this.My predictions on Katharine are this:
First I predicted that RCA would drop her.2. I predict this wedding will ruin her sexy image and probably lose her sexy hair contract and further drop her off the celebrity charts.3. Probably by March you will get the news she is pregnant.4. As her money runs out you will probably see her bare it all.My advice to all of you is to find a new Idol to support as AI7 looks very interesting.Katharine had her chance and she blew it.By the way, do you realize that when katharine was 3yrs old, that her ugly husband was 22?!Talk about robbin the cradle?!!