Michelle Trachtenberg to Join Gossip Girl Cast

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Actress and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumna Michelle Trachtenberg is set to join the Gossip Girl cast when the show returns in April, reports TV Guide.

Michelle Trachtenberg will play Georgina Sparks, a girl from Serena's (Blake Lively) past. Mischa Barton reportedly turned down this role.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle, 22, is on a career comeback since Buffy and it's starting to take off. She's also starring alongside heartthrob Zac Efron in 17 Again in August.

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Come on, give Mischa a break. The girl's a good actress. I'd rather her than Michelle. I loved Mischa in 'The OC.' I think Mischa could be the next Julie Cooper if she wanted to be. Besides, she's a pretty girl, and that's because I've met her before at an "OC" event. She's really nice and everything. Don't just judge people by their looks. That's being really unfair.


mischa is a bitch and i would probly never be able to watch the show again if she was georgie! ok michelle she is almost perfect. not the best choice but good enough.
at least she has the skin for it. georgie is supposed to be
really pale so mischa could sooooo n ot do it. i would be so
pissed if mischa played it. and i looked at the stills of michelle as georgie and they
made her up really well. she looks like georgie should. and she actually looks pretty too. so i'm soo excited. only
3 more days!!!!!!


She does come off as a B I T C H


She looks too innecent and too unpretty to play Georgie.


She rox


She's perfect, she looks like an angel but she's the next


she's not hott enough to do it. unless they seriously make her up.


Nooo, Muscha was better for the cast, cause michelle don't
have the face for GG she is to sweet and nice. ;ichelle no,
Mischa have a bitch face, and Michelle is like "oh! i'm
beautiful, i'm angel love u all" argr, and her acting is more
for the nice little girl that loves everyone and have work a
lot a school and have the better grades, NO to Michelle, NO to
Michelle, YES to Mischa, YES to Mischa


haha stupid mishca...better her than mishka


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