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Simon Cowell Comments on American Idol Performances

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Simon Cowell was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly following last Tuesday night's performances. Here's some of what our favorite judge had to say:

How do you feel the show is going this season?
It's interesting. I think the audience are much more savvy than I've seen them in previous years, and much less forgiving, which I'm happy about. I've got a feeling this year something strange could happen, particularly after what happened with David Cook last night. Because, I've got to tell you, watching it back, this performance he did on "Billie Jean," in my opinion, was in a different league to anything we've heard on the season so far.

David Cook Photo

Chin up, David Cook. Simon Cowell thinks you're the one to beat. So do we.

It was so much better, [chuckles] he kind of made some of the other performances seem ridiculous. But I'm glad! He was smart — I know where he got the arrangement of the song from, but that doesn't really matter. He was brilliant! And I was concerned three or four weeks ago that this was just going to be a coronation for David Archuleta and it's just a question of who comes [in] second. I'm not so sure anymore.

And, you know, with Jason Castro last night — there's a guy who thinks he's just sailing along, and I thought it was a bad performance. You give somebody like him a kick up the ass, let's see what he can deliver now. But I thought it was, um, an interesting night last night.

To be sure. Some very odd song choices.
And very clever song choices. That "God Bless the U.S.A." [sung by Kristy Lee Cook] — smart girl. Gotta tell you [laughing] when your back's against the wall, she knew what she was doing. I thought that was very smart. I'll be amazed if she gets booted out on the back of that [song].

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    probably the California sunshine

    so we shot Mr. "Simon Says" a little music vid the other day with our photo camera called

    SCARY GUY: Ode to Simon Cowell

    in honor of his abrasive way of telling the absolute truth and keeping the show interesting. what a hoot he is.

    we be vocals by locals
    just a groupa fun-loving
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    ps David Cook is the man!

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