Tonight's Episode: "The Handmaiden's Tale"

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Last fall, confusion abounded during the first viewing of "The Handmaiden's Tale," the sixth episode of the freshman season of Gossip Girl.

The short version - Dan and Serena kiss again, we meet a new character, Nate is accused of taking drugs and Chuck is left pantless. Drama at its best!

The long version can be found in our episode guide. The Gossip Girl Insider staff has also put together lists of music, memorable quotes and pictures.

For further discussion, we invite you to take a look at our round table of the night's events and, as always, chat with fans in our Gossip Girl
Dan and a Flame

Dan (Penn Badgley) walks with sucky Vanessa (Jessica Szohr).

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"Sucky" Vanessa? Vanessa is not only the sole "real" (average girl most teens
can actually relate to) Vanessa is the most attractive girl
on the entire cast. Don't find it hard to believe that some
of us don't see Vanessa as a villain. I certainly don't.
If anyone, I see Blair and Chuck as the "sucky" characters.

Gossip Girl Quotes

Don't ever go to high school, Dorota. The girls are spoiled, stupid and ungrateful! One snapshot with a socialite and it's all Serena, Serena, Serena!


Gossip Girl: Sorry, boys. But didn't you know that if you wait to long to seize the day—
Chuck: Gone.
Louis: Where would she go?
Gossip Girl: The one you want could get away.