A Look and Listen at Andrew Lloyd Webber Night

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Have you had time to think about your favorite performance from last night's Andrew Lloyd Webber-themed American Idol?

While we felt terrible for Brooke White after she forgot the lyrics to "You Must Love Me," the lasting impression from the evening was Syesha Mercado showing personality - and sexiness - with her rendition of "Rock n Roll Too Many." Check it out:


We were also blown away by David Cook serenading the audience with the ballad "Music of the Night." This guy really can sing anything:


Take a look and a listen at the other American Idol finalists singing show tunes now. Which was your favorite?

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OMG I wish I were 20 yrs. younger, I "LOVE" David C., He gives me chills up and down my spine, YOU have my vote!


I thought David A. did wonderfully! He took that song and made it his own. I was a little nervous with him taking something that is that popular and supposed to be sung in that way and changing it, but I was pleasantly surprised! I think he has the makings of a true star!


Personally, I think David C., Syesha, and Jason did the best, in that order. Brooke being last, of course, but I don't blame her for freaking out after she had to start over. That's not an excuse, though. I'm hoping that she will be the one to leave us tonight. Either her, or Carly. I hated her performance. It sounded like she was swearing. It's was awful.