American Idol Executives Want Your Help

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American Idol is still the number-one rated show on TV. But it's ratings have decreased throughout season seven.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman acknowledges the slide, stating: "We're not in denial. It's still the biggest show on TV, but that doesn't mean there are things we can't do. The feedback from this year, you'll probably see on the show next year."

Such as?

A market research survey that surfaced last week asks for a broad range of information, but fundamentally tries to discover what's working, what's not and who/what audiences want more (or less) of in future seasons.

Hi, Randy!

Questions that focus on the judges ask respondents to say how much each panelist contributes to their "overall enjoyment of American Idol," on a scale from "very important" to "not important at all."

Perhaps the most telling of the questions, however, is an agreement-rating statement that has nothing to do with the judges, Ryan or auditions. It reads: "I care who wins American Idol."

How would you rate the statement? Do you actually care about the champion? What would you suggest to keep or ditch for next year and beyond?

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1) Market Overstaturation We see American Idol Rewind, then the weeks of talent search then the show itself. Why watch the show when we know we can see the Rewind. I think that you need to use the Talent search as your preseason rather than the Rewind. 2) Americaa Votes Great America Votes - but it should not be the final vote. Let the America Vote stand - who did America vote the Best and Worst. Then compare to the Judges vote and let their be a Sing Off. I think the Judges should have the final vote or allow them to over rule the America Vote. 3) Different Spin on the Show The show starts off with too many Idol potentials. I would rather see 5 girls 5 boys starting. Show more of Behind the Scenes as part of the show. Get the Audience involved with the problems they are having in practice so they are on their seats when they actually come out a perform the day of the show. 4) Guest Judges Love having the Guest Judges and watching them work with the American Idol Potentials. Would like to see more of this and more time of the show devoted to this. Best Regards from Massachusetts


The show has been a favorite of mine for 7 years now. I do very much care about champion. That person should be multi-talented and mature enough to handle the responsibility of the title and the lifestyle of a celebrity. I think the contestants age should be changed to 18 years old through 29 years old. The Mentors should remain. They should consist of a representative of four different genres of music. The playing of the instruments should still be permitted. I am not real fond of the "fans calling in" segment. I would like to hear alot more about the American Idol Website and what it has to should be talked about each week and perhaps a sample of what's on it would be good. Offer viewers a way to vote online. I watch Dancing With The Stars and yes I do vote online. I also vote each week for an American Idol. This year has been easy because David Cook has been my one and only choice all the way back to the Top 24. Yes I do vote many times because you offer that capability. If you want to get away from that, you need to do things like the Dancing With The Stars program does with their voting. You get the same number of votes as contestants, but you can use them for whomever you wish. The Ford commercials are awesome. Perhaps the Idols should be in a truck performing a country song for one of the ads. Leave our judges and Ryan alone!!! We watch to see them too along with what they are saying, bantering about and what they are wearing. They are a perfect group and have added to what makes American Idol work. Their own personal experiences and accomplishments make them best suited as judges for this competition. I think each Idol should have to do a small video about one of their competitors. I'd love to hear what David Cook had to say about Michael Johns....something to that affect but nice and not detrimental.


To me, the obvious problem with American Idol this season is all the professionals wiping out the less experienced amateurs. The shows called "American Idol," not "Second Shot." Viewers want to see the gawky kid next door with the amazing voice make it big. They want to see them in the group singing rehearsals, which were cut this season. You haven't roped in the viewers. When their local hero is voted off, they turn off the TV for the season. - Susan in Daytona Beach, FL


The commercials are impossible and so I skip the show every other week. I love Simon and enjoy the judges.


I actually do buy the Idol winner and runner up's music. I have even bought my fav Idol singles on I tunes. It is just fun to showcase great talent and it is fun. Keep letting them play instruments Great Addition The Hollywood week was way better this year! Find a way for people to Vote online. Also perhaps a percentage the way Dancing with the stars works. That way a really good talent may not go home and a Cute fav that can't sing stays. Maybe get some new Judges. Fresh viewpoints would be nice, Hey Dog gets old. Keep Simon everyone loves him and his evil ways. I don't know add a judge or somthing. Someone to keep it interesting. I know I TIVO the show and never listen to Paula or Randy but always listen to Simon. I love Ryan Seacrest. Give him more to do! The only downside is seeing your fav go home. Just needs freshened up a bit to keep it interesting.


I think the show has always been like watching your favorite sports team...You wait all day on Tuesday to see everyone step up and like in sports sometimes it's great and sometimes it sucks. It appears the judges are jaded which makes the show frustrating. Memo to Idol Fan...Simon Cowell is about as sexy as Darth Vader...C'mon, stop lying to him and contribute more to his his ego which is fatter than his Fred Flinstone head! If the audience did a Jimmy Kimmel on him...he would never come back.. Next..IF PAULA says something bad, it is more damaging to the contestant than when Simon does. He's always hard and she rarely is, so if you can't pass her test, it's over. On the contestants...David Cook should win, as Archeleta looks like one of Jerry's Kids with that..."I can't believe I am here look on his face when a bunch of 20 year old girls howl over him. It is probably the first time a girl has ever done this to him in his life. Next to Bambi or little animals at the zoo, David is nothing more than a docile looking nerd with a great voice. Cook proved he is much more versatile with his brilliant song last week from that "thing" who writes brilliant stage songs. On the Blonde and the Hair Boy, they are probably the two worst contestants ever, but sensitive excuses from the girl, dont even remember her name, are getting way old and Carly blew her away but loses because of her tatted out husband's face. Sad but true,,,This is American Idol, Not Irish Horror Show Idol. On the guy Jason with the P.O.D. Dreads, bro, Tiny Tim was a mess and so are you and your eye makeup. Rock On Bro...Bring the bad side out and drop the Disney stuff and you may have a shot! Last...the girl from Miami is the best singer but her weave looks like it got hooked into Hurricane Katrina's EYE of that knarly STORM! Go back to the short sassy smooth hair girl cuz you are slammin and it's the only way you can win too. Last...Get rid of Ryan. He is like 4'7 and has a smaller head than my five year old daughter...Ryan needs a wake up call from this dream he's on because he has become everyone's nightmare. Ask Simon! And are the only guy on the show that is real. Paula is chill but she needs the bangs over the eye to keep me watching...Sexy P.


I have watched every show for 7 years and enjoy them immensely. My comment is that the songs the participants select should be on the website on the day of the performance. I know my wife and I would like to see that. I am 69 years old and love the show. The "kidding" around between the big 4 I guess is necessary to show human element