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David Cook: Always Be His Baby

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We welcome all opinions on American Idol Worship. But we challenge anyone to disagree with the fact that David Cook put on the best performance of Mariah Carey night. By far.

With his cancer-ridden brother sitting in the front row - and tears welling up in David's eyes following his rendition of "Always Be My Baby - it was a special night for the Cook family. We wish them the best.

Take a look at Cook's performance now and let us know what you thought of it:


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i think david's performance was the most brilliant show ever and i love him so much.. my vote to david cook.. hasan-malaysia.


Ok...I'll take that challenge. I will agree that (within his CONSISTENTLY MOANING vocal range) David Cook did perform the song well. But sounding "edgey" does not make one unique when there are countless grundge bands out of Seattle that have covered that sound before. He lacks range (and screaming a note is not's rage). And (out of total respect for his brother...mine died of cancer)..let's not start playing the sympathy card. David Cook is a better performer, but you can't argue that David Archuleta is a better, out right singer.


Although I admire David Cook's risk taking performances, and although he has toned down his "pompus" and "arrogant" attitude...I can't believe how a "little" family drama can make people blind--and deaf for that matter!! WOW..I'm a rocker chic and I also like ballads with a message, but mostly, I like to admire a singer who really shows voice range and variety--note: regardless of the fact that he or she sings in the same genre or style..I hate to burst your bubble all you David Cook lovers! I don't think he is a bad performer, he might have a good command of the stage, he puts on a show for sure, but it consists of the same ballad-turn into rock and the same finishing with the same--and only high note DC knows to sing...As far as I'm concerned--and many millions I might add, the only one person capable of doing with his voice what a true powerful singer should do is...David Archie...same type of genre you say? WRONG...killed the Dolly song! Killed Shop Around...amazing in You Are The Voice...and SPECTACULAR control of his voice, his runs, his notes in all other slower songs...The only one who comes a close second is Carly, and original? none better than Jason!, DC originality stopped after Eleanos Rigby...and those were exact copies, he has no vocal variety and he would have to be OTSTANDING as a rock singer to last more than a few months with popularity...David A, on the other hand hasn't even started and his broad vocal ability will take him very far and for a long time to come, and will make any producer a very, very rich man!...simpathies aside, everybody has a story, hey, my younge sister in law just died of a horrible ALS disease, but even if I could stand in front of a stage and belt out my favorite rock song in the world, it doesn't make me a great singer!!, David A is what an American Idol is,and should be all your ears and truly understand and decipher each performance, not what goes on around it!!


I watch David sing this song over and over and each time I cry; and I'm a grown man.
He is the next Jim Morrison.
I can't wait to see his next performance.
It's like watching a hit CD being made.
My 13 year old daughter wants his first one.


David Cook can get voted off right now and sell more records than all remaining combined. It's time for Jason and Seyesha to go. Jason CANNOT sing any up tempo or other variety of music than what he has been singing. I am not quite sure who is voting for him but I can be sure that they don't know talent.


I absolutley love David Cook,but i think he is better off not winning the title.Think about it....can you see him singing the horrible,sappy,insipid song that every idol winner is forced to sing during the finale?.And what about his first album?He should be able to do his own thing and not be pressured to sell out.He's too good for that.


Another Elton John in the making!!! Excellent performance. You're much more than a singer.


is there a full version of this song somewhere? free download i hope.


David Cook has rocked the best many nights. "Hello", "Eleanor Rigby", "Billie Jean", "Day Tripper". Especially last nights
"Always Be My Baby". I am stunned to read that he has not been in the #1,2,3 vote geters every week.


Absolutely rocking. Gives me goose pimples everytime I listen to it. Best yet this year.

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