Gossip Girl Spoiler: Dan Kissing ... ?

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This is definitely OMFG material.

We've uncovered a photo of the amazing Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl. He's kissing another character ... and it's not Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively).

Consider yourself warned. Follow the jump for a scandalous Gossip Girl spoiler you never saw coming ... or who knows, maybe you did.


Yes, that's Dan and Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg), kissing on the set of Gossip Girl. They were shooting on location in Queens, N.Y.

Georgina Sparks, as we've told you, plays a troublemaker from Serena's past. Apparently she will be causing trouble in the future, as well!

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OMFG ! wft is goind on ?


dude i would kill someone too see peoples reaction when dan annd serena break up. cause youu know how people where like getting WET over a kiss(like i did), i would seriously wanna see a dan and serena fans face when they break up. that would seriously KILL ME! haha. reading peoples comment just over a kiss. made me imagin peoples faces when they break up. I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH DAN AND SERENAS RELATIONSHIP ON AND OFF SCREEN IM NOT A HATER. =)))




Ela nao presta!


omfg this is not efing happening
its almost enough to make me not wanna watch it
they better get back 2 gether or else i will get sooooooooo angry
and im scary when im angry


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo omg sum 1 kill G that will be my new bit of gossip I killed G D and S 4 ever noooooooooooooo


oh heck yeah it's OMFrigging Goodness. But I honestly think this was coming ughhhh...
I really didn't want it too but it was expected. Sigh... WHY WHY WHY???


nope, Serena didn't cheat on him
if you've seen the last episode, you'd know ;)


yea ur right...
Serena does cheat on Dan first..with a boy named Pete i think.
and the person she killed didnt die from serena..they dies
from an over dose on crack...


Serena cheats on Dan first, as you'll see in next weeks episode, so...

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