Gossip Girl Spoiler: How Eric is Outed

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Thanks to a slip from Kelly Rutherford, we already know which male Gossip Girl character will be revealed as gay in an upcoming episode.

The fact that it's Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) is not too shocking, given that of all the Gossip Girl characters pictured below, he's the only one without a steamy hookup or romance plot line so far.

Gossip Girl Spoiler: How Eric is Outed

But it's the way Eric is outed that is the true jaw-dropper in all of this, writes Kristin Veitch of E! Online. OMG. For the deets of this juicy Gossip Girl spoiler, you'll have to follow the jump ...

Rumor has it that he will caught making out with Jenny Humphrey's new boyfriend! How's that for another kick in the gut to the girl who, as we've seen, just can't seem to catch a break?!

Interestingly, in the original Gossip Girl book series, it was Dan Humphrey who questioned his sexuality.

The TV series has no plans for any same-sex action for Dan.

Penn Badgley (Dan) said in October:

"I think [Dan] is straight-up gay in the books. But I don't think network TV really has the balls to make one of its [teenage] series regulars gay. Let's say the show builds up to become a big hit, then I think they'd maybe explore it in year three or four."

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Ok i think the tv network should man up and let eric or who ever is gay be gay or whatever they are. thats plain stupid. i think it will atrract more viewer, i mean come on a gay guy on tv! its great televison!


so serina's thing that georgina has got on her is a special ta[pe=D


In the book Chuck is gay!!!


OMG i feel so bad for Jenny she can never get a good boyfriend!


it really isnt a surprise that eric is gay...i pretty much knew from the first episode he was in....lol


Well that wasn't too surprising about Eric. But I have to say, in the very beginning of the series I saw him with Jenny (only in the beginning).
But him being outed at hooking up with Jenny's boy?! Thats drama. And I think the secret with Serena is more then just sleeping with someone (like Nate) because thats already happened. Yes it has something to do with scandalous sluttiness but even MORE scandalous, like with a VERY important person, OR she slept with someone because she owed them something...Just throwing things out there.


I'm really disappointed in this. I always thought Jenny and Eric would end up together, being the same age (has the show conveniently forgotten that they're all 17 and she's like 14?) and they were both relatively innocent at the beginning of the show (before Jenny became an entitled b----), maybe Eric could have restored her kindness and purity.


Wierd Eric is also Gossip Girl


if u cant wait as long as i did
then go on you tube and there is a
episode 16 spoiler. i can't post it
here b/c they wont allow me too. but yea.
just trying to help!!!! i am in love with gossip girl
i love aaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll the


i can't wait

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