Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena's Secret

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This isn't a Gossip Girl spoiler in the true sense, as we don't fully know the answer. But we think we are getting closer to figuring out Serena's secret thanks to a new clip and a comment by one of our readers.

Calling attention to the promo clip for next Monday's episode, "All About My Brother," this Gossip Girl fan has an interesting theory as to just what the heck Serena and Georgina did.

Our guess: Nate. Or some other dude. What we're saying is that it looks like a Serena van der Woodsen (gulp) sex tape might exist.

Check out the clip below and see what you think.

Distressed, Serena is watching a video on her laptop, in which there appear to be female and male voices speaking her name, followed by moaning of some kind. Yeah. This looks scandalous ...


There's also the Gossip Girl spoiler about a gay character coming out, though we think we have a pretty good idea how that's going to go.

Please let us know your theories regarding Serena's secret. Follow the jump, too, for another (less juicy) clip from next Monday's episode ...


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does anyone else think that the sex tape involved Serena getting pregnant, and the "someone" she killed was due to an abortion? Maybe Georgina wanted to blackmail her to clue Dan in on Serena's horrible past.


Ok to sum up...
Eric is the gay character (not too surprised at that loved the sweet love you moment between S and E :))
Serena killed someone (by the sounds of the tape she seemed pretty out of it and she didn't know it was being filmed, Georgina's drugged her before so i wouldnt put it past her.) We don't know who she killed but she feels terrible about it.
Jenny has finally realised she wasn't being true to herself/was being a bitch On a side note i have to say i wasn't really a Blair liker before this episode but now i like her lol
Same goes for chuck - after seeing the promo and seeing how nice he's been to Serena i love him :P


She doesn't kill Georgina because G knew the secret before she even came to town, hence the birthday surprises. I can't wait either way!


omgg i think i got it,
when serena and georgina were at the bar that one night and
georgina puts some drug in serena's drink.. georgina and
serena did some sex tape with this guy, and they killed the
guy ... serena doesnt know she killed the guy though cause
she was drugged. Serena wakes up at Georgina's house the
following morning too. Then when Serena watches a sex tape
and with the guy yelling in the background.. thiss must be it.
But, What did theyy do to kill him? Was it on purpose?


I don't really believe that Serena really killed someone. I think there just trying to make us think that she did. but she really didn't. If it is true that Serena killed someone, I can't believe it. I couldn't and can't get over it. Also, I am getting so sick of Georgina being around she's making things 100x worse, but then again it's making good drama.. hahaaa


So if you were paying attention to the video you'd
realize that they mentioned how were the new mr and
mrs sparks....anyone clue in that that is georgie's
last name?! so it's probably mr. sparks that gets
killed in the tape.


i think that maybe the tape was georgina and dan?
but then again, i dont think dan would do something like that.
dan is such an honest person, and he loves serena.
but on the other hand, serena would do something
like that to dan.
because she broke blair's heart when she
went and had sex with nate.
so the tape i think is maybe serena and georgina with
another guy? i have no idea. i can absolutely not wait
until the next episodes come out.
but as to who serena killed :;
it deffinately has to do with that tape.
i also heard from a yahoo answers chat that
the guy in the tape threatened to tell people
about what they did, and serena and georgina
didnt want anyone to know what they did, so they shot him.
but i think that may be a bit out of wack.
who knows.
because i dont think that serena would shoot anybody.
but she did kill somebody.
because she even said it.
but serena is very unpredictable.
i never know what she is going to do next.




Just coming back from watching that ep....whoa! did anyone expect that one?
I seriously doubt many did...that was BIG! good watching, great watching


Serena KILLED someone. My theory: She and Georgina were
partying and put something in some guy's drink
ACCIDENTALLY killing him. Knowing Serena,
I doubt it involved violence.

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