Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena's Secret

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This isn't a Gossip Girl spoiler in the true sense, as we don't fully know the answer. But we think we are getting closer to figuring out Serena's secret thanks to a new clip and a comment by one of our readers.

Calling attention to the promo clip for next Monday's episode, "All About My Brother," this Gossip Girl fan has an interesting theory as to just what the heck Serena and Georgina did.

Our guess: Nate. Or some other dude. What we're saying is that it looks like a Serena van der Woodsen (gulp) sex tape might exist.

Check out the clip below and see what you think.

Distressed, Serena is watching a video on her laptop, in which there appear to be female and male voices speaking her name, followed by moaning of some kind. Yeah. This looks scandalous ...


There's also the Gossip Girl spoiler about a gay character coming out, though we think we have a pretty good idea how that's going to go.

Please let us know your theories regarding Serena's secret. Follow the jump, too, for another (less juicy) clip from next Monday's episode ...


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Okay, if you watched All About Your Brother, in the last
minute or two, S. said, "I killed someone," to B. A person
was accidentally killed while Serena and Georgina were most
likely partying or something. Also, the guy was moaning- in
pain!!! Not because of lust or something. So, I can't wait
until the next episode... You know you love me,
xoxo, Gossip Girl


WHO DID SERENA KILL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


who did serena kill????
ady guessess???


Serena killed someone and maybe it is one of the two guys they met at the bar! Eeee


someone was murdered!!!


OK, after watching "all about my brother" i have a few theories: Eric and Asher are definitely the gay ones (you find out in this episode) I think "the secret" is a sex tape between georgie, serena, and carter? and I know serena killed someone (she says so at the end of the episode) so i think she may have let someone overdose during the filming of the sex tape... remember, these are only theories but they do make sense


Serena kills someone. but i think its because she was really drugged or something to have done it. and she sleeps with chuck and dan and serena break up and "sarah" aka georgina, kisses dan


Who did serena kill!?!?


its true: i just watched the last episode. SERENA KILLED
SOMEONE. but who?


Soo as we all now know she killed someone

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