Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: An Unforgettable Kiss

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With the return of Grey's Anatomy just eight days away, here are some new pieces of news, gossip and spoilers from TV Guide's Michael Ausiello.

Question: Does your news of a two-hour finale of Grey's Anatomy mean two new hours of the show, or is it going to be a recap episode and then the finale?

Ausiello: As I understand it, there'll be about 80 minutes of show, plus 22 minutes of commercials and 18 minutes of ABC promos. Give or take a few here and there.

Question: Grey's Anatomy casting two gay service members? Sign me up! I am a former service member that was discharged for being gay.

Ausiello: You're too late - they've already found a few good-looking men: Benny Ciaramello (Friday Night Lights' Santiago) and Road Rules' David Giuntoli have been tapped to play the same-gender-lovin' soldiers who share a "very romantic kiss."

Information Nazi

Question: Wanna tell us who is gonna be involved in the super-secret, special, surprising kiss in the Grey's Anatomy season finale?

Ausiello: First, let's explain to the class what you're referring to, Mandy. In the current issue of TV Guide, guest columnist Shonda Rhimes offers a first-person preview of the show's final five episodes - and she saves the best for the last paragraph. "A lot happens in these five episodes," she writes. "And it all ends with a kiss. A good kiss. A great kiss. A kiss so good it makes you lean into your televisions. A kiss we never saw coming. Oh, it's a major kiss." Unfortunately, I come bearing no clues since I honestly have no idea whose lips will be smacking. She kind of threw me for a loop with the whole "kiss we never saw coming" bit.

Who's it gonna be, Grey's Anatomy fans! Talk to the Insider!

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What about Mer and Sloan????


I'm crossing my fingers for Izzie and Alex.


I'm gonna go with it being a Hallie kiss (Callie and Hahn)!!! A lot of people wouldn't see that coming!


hah, it is definitely a lesbian kiss!
because: it is surprising
because: all the men-woman-relations, we've got them all! (except george and christina, but that would be iiiek) i don't think it's christina and hahn, they look weird together, and christina will notice in the next ep something of burke back, so that's too silly it's sooooo gonna be callie and hahn.. callie so overreacted to what addison said! in the next ep she's ignoring her feeling, and going to sleep with sloan, and then boom final ep.. :)


I think that Callie and Hahn sounds interesting. I don't think that Shonda would make such a big deal over Mer and Derek.
I also like Mark and Izzie or George and Lexie OR I KNOW MARK and ROSE! I have to admit that if the cheif and Bailey kissed I would be a little pissed... that would change everything that we know Bailey to be. It would make her "dark and twisty" just like the other relationships.


It's Christina and Hahn.
"They" have been hinting and saying Christina is bisexual, Hahn just said "she reminds me of me" blah blah....
It is going to be them!


I don't think it will be Derek and Merdith, since it would hardly be unexpected.
What about Christina and Mark?
I would like to see those huge egos coupled ;)


yeah, i think its gonna be hahn and callie too. or maybe christina and hahn, now THAT would be surprising.


is thr going to be season 5???or this is the last season????


It's gotta be Callie and Hahn. Callie was fighting the "more than friends" inuendo way too hard. (Going home with Sloan).

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