OMFG: New Gossip Girl Ads Spark Controversy

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While the CW has yet to turn our beloved Gossip Girl into any sort of ratings hit, they're certainly good at creating buzz for it.

With 13 episodes aired to date, the series returns after a long hiatus on Monday, April 21, at 8 p.m., with the first of five new episodes.

To promote the new episodes, the network recently launched a scandalous ad campaign that can be summed up in four letters: OMFG.

There are two sexy new posters promoting the return of the teen soap / drama, both of which will be seen all around the country.

The thing that makes these Gossip Girl posters controversial? Well, they show several couples from the series in seriously erotic poses...


"Oh my (f*%k!ng) God," indeed, Gossip Girl.

It's not hard to see why this ad campaign would stir raise eyebrows. Gossip Girl is a show aimed primarily at teens, and here we have Chace Crawford giving Blake Lively what appears to be a mind-shattering orgasm. Gulp.

Of course, the ad is lot like the show itself that it's edgy, daring, scandalous, and (let's face it) hot. Here's a second version of the OMFG campaign featuring Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick)...

OMFG Again!

What do you think? Which of the two new Gossip Girl ads do you like more - and is the show going too far with the whole "OMFG" angle?

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definitely the blair/chuck poster. the other one is too sleazy
and i never will be able to watch gossip girl again if my mom
sees it.


i have mixed feelings about the ads. a part of me thinks that they are really cool and scandalous, but the other part of me feels that alot of parents will no longer let their teenagers watch the show anymore because they'll get the wrong idea of it. sex is not all this show is about. it has to do with what these supposedly "incredibly lucky" kids have to go through. i think its supposed to show that money doesn't buy happiness. yeah they live with the best of everything but almost all of them are missing love and emotional support from their parents and sometimes friends. but the ads and commercials fail to reconize that. i understand that "sex sells" but i think the ads could use a little substance...


Pfft, get over it, im a teen and im a huge fan of the show, I love both ads but i like the nate and serena one better, duh we're not little kids anymore who gives a crap wut the ads show, they're both hot and being used to promote the show, if someone thinks its too extreme then they shouldn't watch the show, its not like they show nudity on them. XD


its not about being "a bunch of kids" we're able to reconize that the people from gossip girl went too far with this add and its honnestly not appropriate. i don't care if it is a show aimed at kids or not. the fact is those ppl on the add "represent" teenagers. the characters are teenagers and thats not something you should be promoting.
Else than that i love the chuck & blair one.. yummmmy.


I agree with Chris above! I think that both ads are awesome. For personally it's Serena and Nate as Ive been their fan since day 1. I like Blair and Chuck too. I think the producers could get it more right. And the ads are saucy sexy. But the main thing they have a character, unlike a lot of generic staff that tv has been feeding us lately...Well done and Thank you for spicing things up a little!

Avatar guys are a bunch of little kids.
i thought both ads were very sexy and exciting.
if you guys can't handle what they put on the ads (which is obviously gonna be on the show) then you guys shouldn't be watching the show. it's obviously not for your age group.


I like the Nate/Serina one better actually... It is a really good pictuare and here in Holland where I live it's really not that extreme...


i like the chuck/blair one theyre my fav couple plus
i think the nate/serena one is WAY TOO EXTREME. The chuck/blair
one is just right it's sexy and hot but not extreme.


I cannot believe this! I think the Chuck/Blair one is sexy, but the Serena/Nate one is WAY and let me repeat, WAY too extreme. they aren't even technically a couple on the show! AARGH! and OMFG the nerve of the ad company, or whoever's idea this was, cause it was a bad one@


Uhm, wow. I first saw the poster of Nate & Serena on, and I was like WOW. The Blair
and Chuck one is better, as the lesser of two
evils. Though I do like the Chace & Blake one, lol.
I just hope my mom doesn't see them or else
I will never be allowed to watch that show again.
She already took away Degrassi. *sobs* When I was just
barely recovering from her taking away The O.C.
LOL. Elizabeth


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