Ryan Seacrest Donates Paycheck to Charity

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Ryan Seacrest will be hosting Idol Gives Back tomorrow night. But his bank account won't know it.

The American Idol host has handed over his paycheck for the evening.

A source close to Seacrest told People Magazine that he wanted to show fans that he was serious about the cause. We think it's a great example from which others can learn a lot.

A Good Man

“When he and Simon went to Africa last year and saw the children, it was really life-altering for him,” said the insider. “He just knew he had to do his part and be willing to put his money where his mouth is.”

Idol Gives Back, which also features appearances from Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus and a slew of other celebrities, airs tomorrow night on FOX. We encourage all to watch and pledge money.

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thought the dialogue was overall poorly written, Simon doen't deserve the bashing he took- it is OK to make fun of things that people have the ability to change or unusual situations they have been in but not abut their physical characteristics as man breasts- but Jimmy Kimmel was the funniest of all dialogues.I especially didn't like the lame comments by many of the celebreties indicating that they wouldnt mind getting some of the money themselves/ shows where their hearts really are,,only appearing on the show to get exposure and couldnt care less about the suffering--or the blocked profanity of Stiller at the end..I was really impressed with the final number, and that it was a Christian song...Thank you so very mcu,,it has encouraged me to keep watching and this sort of stand can have dramatic changes in the lives of our youths.