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The Michael Johns Elimination Video

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In case you somehow missed it, here's the American Idol clip of Michael Johns being eliminated last night. Shock waves are still being felt around the Idol universe.


Write in and let us know your thoughts on this shocker. 

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Michael you were why I watch the show.You were the one that kept it will be another chris will make it big.idol you lost a viewer and buyer for the concerts.Ryan shame on you.I always loved watching you,but you were wrong.


Michael Johns deserved better. I thought he was great, but his song choices did him in. Old rock was not where this was at...he needed to stick to R&B and blues, and they told him that, but he went to the beat of his own drummer. I think he will succeed if he will listen to a good producer. Cool guy, and I was hoping that they would give the usual take away on the vote for Idol Gives Back week...cruel the way it was handled, but it is what it is. Lots of good people left.


I hate this show!! Michael was the only reason I even tolerated this crap..but now he's been mercilessly booted off, i wouldn't care less bout this show. Michael, wish you all the great success. you might try to act in a movie while you're creating your next album. Me and my tv are gonna miss you so much


I agree with spencer, Brooks been left in to long. Can't anyone see/hear her bad performances. She even started a song wrong, no one holds that against her. Can't stand the sad puppy eyes about everything.I like Carly what a voice but what was said "sounds like shouting" is correct. Both Davids are great. Michael was a "BIG" surprise.
I can do without Ryan's comments. It's sick the way he elimated Michael. Elimate Ryan!
Stop the bad comments directed at Simon. A little is okay. He's going over board. It's getting to dirty. Who needs him. Paula shut-up! Let Simon talk when it's his turn.


I too was truly bummed with the cruel way Ryan handled axing Michael Johns. It goes back to the early Idol days, where fans forced them to stop the constant mass cruelty each week. There was no need to wave the false hope in front of Michael. You could see how he thought he was spared for another week. Producers...give us a break & Let's cut Ryan for next year - we've had enough of him!


Michael was totally robbed!!! Although I agree - there is something shady going on with the voting system. "Jordin Sparks is adorable. I'm really rooting for her to succeed, and "No Air" seems to be helping her more than "Tattoo" did."
Thank you!! Jordin Sparks IS adorable! She has an amazing voice and awesome lyrics. I like her songs so much I downloaded a ringtone of an exclusive cut from her new song “Young and In Love (Intro)" on this website called Thumbplay ... here's the link:


Micheal Johns was one of the better ones left, but ive always known that he wouldnt go too far. If you ask me, brooke(who is getting extremely boring)or Kristy(who should have left a long time ago) should hav been in the bottom 3 insted of syesia and micheal. My favorite to win is carly, but last night just wasnt that good, and she deserved the bottom 3. I still think shell win though, or at least be in the final 3.


Let's eliminate Ryan Seacrest. He is obviously too big for his britches or did the producers tell him to be so cruel. I may not every watch Idol again after last night. The good thing is that Michael will probably do very well now and I hope there are some music studios after him.


I can't believe that "Idol" and especially Ryan Seacrest couldn't "Give Back" when it came to Michael Johns. What a horrible way to eliminate someone as talented as Michael. Maybe we should all Take away and not watch your crummy show anymore. Even Simon was never that cruel!!!! Good Luck Michael - I will sure buy your music!!!

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