American Idol Final Four Review

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You didn’t beat the competition. You crushed the competition.

- Simon Cowell to David Archuleta, after the former finished his second song last night, "Love Me Tender."

I'd pack your suitcase.

- Simon Cowell to Jason Castro, after the former finished "I Shot the Sheriff" last night.

These two quotes pretty much summed up the performances of the final four last night. Syesha Mercado and David Cook were solid, while Castro was a mess and Archuleta was terrific.

The Top Four

Which of these finalists put on your favorite performance last night?

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Again, as has been the case in past few weeks since gaining my vote, it's all about David Cook for me...........hands down! Next in line: Syesha


There are those that don't like David A's voice, or the fact that he's young, or various other things about this young man, but he's on key, he comes prepared to compete and he's giving 100% all the time. He's always supportive of the other Idol contestants sticking up for them when his performance is compared to theirs and always has an attitude of greatfulness for where he is and the support he enjoys. This young man has a ton of talent, a voice many would give their right arm for and character that many of us strive for even though we are 10, 20, 30+ years his senior. He came to wow the crowd last night, and he accomplished his goal...again. I'm not a Jason C fan (actually in his own element he is very good, just not Idol material) but the other three people left have a lot to offer American Idol. They all deserve our respect. I get real tired of everyone cutting down these kids. They are doing something extemely difficult especially at their young ages and we need to enjoy them more and pick them apart less. They all support each other -- why not join them?