David Cook Comments on American Idol Victory

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Did David Cook expect to win American Idol? Heck, he barely expected to make it past the initial round of auditions.

"I just figured I'd go in, sing a song and they'd say I wasn't what they were looking for. I'd go back to Tulsa to work on my record some more," Cook told reporters during a Friday conference call. "Apparently, somebody had another plan."

That's for certain.

Breaking Down

In the end, Cook defeated David Archuleta by a 56% to 44% home viewer voting margin, roughly 12 million total votes.

"I think that number is actually really misleading," Cook said. "Obviously within the bubble of Idol, it's hard to kind of get a vibe for what's going on. But I definitely thought [Archuleta] was probably a little bit ahead of me if I'm being honest. I attribute the finale vote discrepancy just to my fans being awesome. I don't really know how else to explain it."

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I like your music.My mom is a big fan of his.I like your conert.I cant beleive you won american idol.I wish david archuleta won.You have to write me back dear taylor.


David Cook was my favorite idol from the beginning. This was the second season I watched idol. I enjoyed the interviews with him - and his honesty and encouragement towards all the singers in the competition. He went into the competition to have a good time- not worrying about what the outcome would be. He left the choice up to the voters - and truly made it all seem so easy. He was surprised by his adaptability to the demands of the song selections - and took the challenge on with minimal effort. He is a true performer and a genuine person. I think he has many many years of success coming his way. Congrats! Kudos to a job well done and for having the confidence to stand on your own! Can't wait for the album to be released.