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David Cook is Your American Idol

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Congratulations to David Cook!

The former bartender knocked off David Archuleta by 12 million votes to capture the seventh season title on American Idol. Check out the winning announcement and Cook's subsequent performance of "Time of My Life" NOW.

The Winner

Did you agree with the decision? Which David do you think will have a more successful career?

As you ponder those questions and send us your thoughts, click on each picture in the David Cook photo tribute below...

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IMHO, DC is the better musician and the better performer. But David A is the better singer and an amazing artist. Personally, I think both will soar for a very long time to come because they each to very different audiences. I had actually lost interest is AI over the years...until this finale. My David didn't win, and I was pretty bummed at first, but then DC won me over by the way he treated Archie after he won. (Not to his singing – I have a hard time listening to him because he misses his notes a lot – but to his humanity and kindness…it’s that different taste thing.) He is such a good guy and so is David A. I am proud of them both and so anxious to see them perform on tour!!!


Although this was a competition where only one person would be declared the winner, the truth is both David's were wonderful, unique and deserving. Since their styles were totally different, it doesn't make sense to say one is better than the other. It's really which kind of music do you prefer to listen to. I like them both, but I cannot stop playing David C.'s songs and find him very appealing. I am saying this because I don't understand so many people declaring the David they like as the only one who was any good. That's ridiculous. They were both great! To me, David Cook is the very best that AI has come up with in all the seasons.




Through out the whole season, the top two were obvious choices. Due to their immense talent and great voice. Through out every performance except the finals, i thought DC was a sure win. However, his last performance didn't quite show how talented he really is. He didn't quite produce that winning song. In fact i think his winning song was rather MJ's and Mariah's. Based on the last performance, he didn't quite bring his game on. It was a disappointment, that last show, to come from an Idol Winner! David Archuleta really gave DC a run for his money and i'm sure he'll have a brilliant future ahead of him. Young talent with a great voice. Again, this is based on personal preferences.


I am absolutely releived and thrilled that David Cook won. Both talented but Cook will last where as Archuletta may have faded out. Can wait to see him live in concert


I'm thrilled David Cook won. I fail to see how his doing so will be the nail in the coffin of anything. I agree David A has a lovely voice and I'm sure he will go on the do great things, but I personally love David Cook's gritty style and his presence. I'll be out like a shot to buy his CD, and I'll be buying David A's for my almost teen daughter. I don't think David Cook will be losing much sleep over some people turning off the radio when his songs are played, after all, everyone is entitled to their preferences.
And Susi, i think Simon is adorable too!


This was the first time in American Idol history where I felt the winners were crowned last week when they became the last two standing.Both Davids deserved to win. They represent two different genres of music and each are incredibly talented. I would have been delighted if it had gone the other way. I am pleased that Simon apologized to David Cook about his harsh critique last night. I have to giggle when someone says the show is rigged when their contestant does not win. I am also willing to bet that the individual who has decided to part company from the show does not pick up a phone and vote. America has chosen David Cook as their winner. I love the show and no matter the outcome I will be tuned in as long as American Idol Exists:}


David Archuleta was definitely my favorite contestant throughout the whole show. I watched him from his audition to his final performances and he has such a sweet personality and an amazing voice. However, I also agree that David Cook deserved the win. He's older, has a better stage presence, and much more experienced in the ways of the world. I think he'd be able to handle stardom better. And his voice is very light too, quite nice.


I agree that David Cook is the most deserving contestant to have won American Idol. He can take any song and make it into his own which shows get talent and such strong dedication which allows for greaqt hopes for the future for the stunning David Cook. He can rock out on his guitar but has the gentle emotional side that makes him a real person and he deserved that win tonight more than anything. Like simon said on ellen the other day David Cook has worked hard in his life and he deserves this awesome chance at success which he will get!


David Cook is a superstar. I loved his drive, creativity, voice, stage performance,his stature and gracious reaction to all of the feedbacks by the judges. I haven't ever seen such a fabulous finale yet. Season 7 was the best!
The finale was the best entertainment I've ever seeen, and David Cook has been obviously very serious about all of his performances, yet,nothing but humble and grateful. I'm looking forward to the tour, and hope I can fight through to get an autograph. I'm buying up many of his CD's when released, for the sheer fact, I'll play them so much,that I will wear them out.
CONGRATULATIONS DAVID COOK, I LOVE OUR NEW AMERICAN IDOL. David Archuletta, you are fabulous, and you have a magic career ahead of you. oh and Simon....did you know I'm totally in love with you? I even named my beautiful kitten Simon...hehe that way Simon cuddles with me every night. I'm so thrilled about this finale and the winner,I don't think I will sleep tonight. David Cook has such a huge heart, and so does David A. They both are winners. David Cook, your emotional reaction to you winning touched my heart so much,I had tears in my own eyes. God Bless You and God Bless David A.,and God Bless all the talent, entertainment, and dedicated fans in this #1 show! I'm an American Idol forever!