Gossip Girl Spoilers, News For Season Two

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As we discuss the terrific recent episodes and await next week's Gossip Girl season finale, it's never too early to start thinking about next fall and the amazing drama that is still to come!

Inside sources confirm that Gossip Girl will have an extra-long season next year, to make up for the ones missed this year due to the strike, E! Online reporter Kristin Veitch has revealed.

While nothing will be made official until next week when the CW announces its schedule in New York City, sources say Gossip Girl has been confirmed for 24 episodes for its second season!

Also, E! caught up with Leighton Meester on the set of Entourage (she's there shooting a guest stint for the HBO comedy), and Gossip Girl's Queen B said Gossip Girl will be in the Hamptons at the beginning of season two.

Leighton in Yellow

"Because you gotta go to the Hamptons, right?" she said with a giggle. "And, by the way, we aren't shooting in Staten Island like they did on Sex and the City. We're shooting in the real Hamptons."


Leighton added that the cast calls Michelle Trachtenberg's character "Geor-gina" in the way that rhymes with a female body part.

Get it? Figure it out.

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u guys i think that georgina
will play parts in season 2 cause
lyk someone above said i've read
that she will become regular cast,, I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!
In season 2,B should destroy her once and for all..


C will never change! hell end up wth no1! N will alwasy have feelings for B but S is the one for him! as much as i dnt want that 2 hapn!
i thort N and V made a cute couple shame that didnt work out!
did anyone read the books? i read them like 4 yearsd ago when they came out and was so exited when they made it into a TV series!


i hope that chuck and blair will be together in season2..
nate will still have feelings for blair. nate and chuck will
be friends again. nate caught chuck cheating on blair.. chuck
and nate fights again.. chuck and blair will break up..
both nate and chuck fights for blair.:)


i hat G as well this is how i think it should go B=C and J=N
and S=D and V well i don know she should find some one else or
have an accident she just needs to go if she will com in
the way of S and D.....


i agree nate is so cute!but blair and nate will never be back together, i think.nate is going to start dating jenny and then he is going to dump her.dan and serena are going to break up.dan is going to "experiment" with a guy!


ooh i completely agree!
i think georgina is kinda interesting but i dont really want to see her next season. omg i lovee blair and nate together they are soo adorable even though blair is a bit of a bitch. omg nate is gorgeousss(L). and i also really like serena! she is soo pretty and im so jealous!
i cant wait for next season(yn) september 1st right,?


LOVE <3... DON'T CARE AT ALL ... TOTALLY HATE... -Blair -Serena -Jenny,
-Chuck -Dan -Vanessa


I know from a source that G will NOT be in the next season..
(which btw I think is a good thing because her character was kind of pointless in the end.
And I totally love Blair and Chuck, they have so much more chemistry and witty conversations than
Blair and Nate..and they are really kind of boring together in the show..
I am soooo excited for season 2...!!!


wow, A, i COMPLETELY agree with everything you said.
im a die-hard blair and nate fan, but right now the future doesn't
look too bright for them being anything more than friends.
but im still hopeful :]


Omg! I hate georgina! But the season finale made me love blair even more! I think nate and serena are meant to be together and chuck and blair make a cute couple too! I think vanessa and dan are good together. I hate bart, I think lily needs to be with rufus and I hate jenny too so ya!

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