Gossip Girl Spoilers, News For Season Two

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As we discuss the terrific recent episodes and await next week's Gossip Girl season finale, it's never too early to start thinking about next fall and the amazing drama that is still to come!

Inside sources confirm that Gossip Girl will have an extra-long season next year, to make up for the ones missed this year due to the strike, E! Online reporter Kristin Veitch has revealed.

While nothing will be made official until next week when the CW announces its schedule in New York City, sources say Gossip Girl has been confirmed for 24 episodes for its second season!

Also, E! caught up with Leighton Meester on the set of Entourage (she's there shooting a guest stint for the HBO comedy), and Gossip Girl's Queen B said Gossip Girl will be in the Hamptons at the beginning of season two.

Leighton in Yellow

"Because you gotta go to the Hamptons, right?" she said with a giggle. "And, by the way, we aren't shooting in Staten Island like they did on Sex and the City. We're shooting in the real Hamptons."


Leighton added that the cast calls Michelle Trachtenberg's character "Geor-gina" in the way that rhymes with a female body part.

Get it? Figure it out.

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crapp.what's with Chuck? he's bein a jerk again,well we should admit he's one a hella of a jerk,so hot! as for S and D im pretty sure they'll work things out, if only not V gets in there way.Eff- hatw her!


haha very funny thats ttly funny agout HOREGINA HAHA i hate her like the rest of you anyways if your reading gossip girl books there not the same i guess well one more thing ilove chuck and blai together there both rich young and one more thing in common hot as hell bye love gg


yehh i hate G too! shes suchh a bitch. i hope shes not part
of season two. I hope S & D will get back together. C is a jerk
but he's a hot jerk


Kill G off the show. Her character is absolutely NOT essential! Queen B Forever Reign Supreme on the UES.
Althought I am not a big fan of S, I do hope that her and D will work things out. As for Little J, I couldn't care less.
B and N should definitely get back together. C can go and find his pleasure elsewhere.


Oh please no, don't let geogina ruin season 2! So hate her


And have you guys heard that Kristin dos Santos said Michelle Trachtenberg will become a regular?


i heart B!! :) Geor-gina.. as in va-gina?!

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