Grey's Anatomy Spoiler: A Preston Burke Sighting

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Sort of.

If you've seen promos for this week's episode, "The Becoming," you likely noticed that they feature Preston Burke - even if the former character doesn't appear on the actual episode of Grey's Anatomy. Just a picture of him.

Below is a photo taken from the promo. Tonight's Grey's Anatomy will focus on how Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) reacts to this news of her ex-fiance.

Preston Burke Wins Award

Isaiah Washington, who portrayed Preston so brilliantly before being fired after Season 3, is now shooting a movie with Forrest Whitaker in New Orleans, but is reportedly upset about his likeness being used on Grey's Anatomy.

Washington's rep, Howard Bragman said in a statement:

"Isaiah has no plans to go back to Grey's Anatomy ... That being said, we were more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo for the show, and indeed advanced his character's storyline. Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action."

A representative for ABC could not be reached for comment.

This poses the question of whether ABC is using Burke (a la Addison) as a ploy to boost Grey's Anatomy ratings, which have slipped. Thoughts?

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Burke pls come back .Grey's anatomy sucks withou you.


Now that TRK is gone, I think it is time to bring Burke back. There is just no chemistry btw Cristina and Owen as that btw C and Burke!


I agree that Burke was great on the show but what he said , even though he apologized, would not be tolerated no matter where someone works. And all though this does not have much to do with this post if the get rid of Izzie or George they are going to loose alot of viewers just as they did when they got rid of Burke.


Bring back the character of preston on the show. i want christina and burke back on each other's arm. Gosh! i miss to see them together. SERIOUSLY!!!


They need to bring Preston Burke back...maybe after an accident with Plastic curgery. There was great chemistry between Christina and Preston. That was my whole reason for watching the show.....


this is crap. just bring him back already!


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burke come back, please.


I dont understand why Grey's anatomy fired an excellent actor like Isaiah Washington. I didn't know about this actor before his acting the role as a doctor at this series. He was doing a great job and his outstanding performance made it all real!
I read some news mentioned that he would be fired because the bicker between him and "George", and I cant believe it's really happened.
why? he is a competent actor and I really think he and "Christina" should be end up together.
what "Christina" can do about losing her "soul mate"?
this terrible place is only broadcasting the season 3 episodes. sucks.


I really like to see Christina and Preston while they were the couple!
Can't they just get back together again??
They are outstanding couple, I always put my Hope on them.. I think every body else has the same thoughts with me..
So, please.. Mr. Isaiah, can you consider your thoughts again? Just say "yes" to play in Grey's Anatomy again.. (",)

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