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Preston Burke Wins Award
Preston Burke is back! Sort of. The doctor who left Seattle Grace has apparently won a prestigious award. How will Cristina Yang react?

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I am from Italy...I miss so much Preston Burke....GA is not the same....I'd like Burke comes back....Please season 7..The Return!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Burke was my favourite character! Pleae bring him back. There wasn't a single relationship that was just as beautiful as Burke & Cristina.


I'm watching season 1 for the first time and Preston Burke is AWESOME! What a great actor. So believable. He brought an element to the show that none of the other actor can replace. Please have Burke return to Seattle Grace! Please!!


I'm from Portugal, yesterday we saw 5x24 here. I hope Preston get back next season!!!
Yang is loving Owen, this is the moment to his return to the hospital. I can imagine the glacial ice from Yang to him, hahahaha.... She deserves a little revenge.... I hope the writers don't be silly to make a triangle. It will be ridiculous. Yang and Owen are mature people, not teenagers. To avoid it, Preston could be married in his return, someone from the south land of his parents, I think Alabama or Georgia, I don't remember exactly. Traditional people. So, no triangles, please!!! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back! Preston back!


and I'm from the far Indonesia
i would love to see burke & cristina together again
bring him back, please then i'll watch again GA (never watched since season 3 finale)


i am from GREECE..
now we watch season 3..
i learned that Dr Burke will not be at season 4 -5?


won't Grey Anatomy creator consider having Dr. Preston Burke back in Season 5? we miss him!!!!! he definitely needs to go back!!please!!!!

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