Gossip Girl Caption Contest 2

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, week two. You submitted some great entries, all of you, but we can pick only one winner.

This week, it's nikki. Congratulations! The winning caption appears beneath the photo. Scroll down the page to read all the ones we received!

Thanks for playing and best of luck again this week!

Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald

Nate: Chuck Bass, why aren't you wearing your scarf? It's a wedding! You do wear that even during sex, right?

Chuck: I gave my scarf to that vanessa girl, so that she can wear a signature dress, oh make that a signature piece of cloth, today.

Vanessa: (thinking) I can't wait 'til Nate takes off my new Burberry panties.

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CHUCK: listen, you said if i left my scarf behind you'd push those bangs back so everyone could see your pretty little eyes NATE: look, i know, i'm sorry, they were back, but all that schleping back and forth to brooklyn in this humidity and they just fell flat on my face. got any good product tips for me? CHUCK: archibald, you are impossible, i can't be seen with you right now


Nate: Dude, calm down.
Chuck: I won't calm down! She tries to steal you from me in every way possible, trying to do like me and all! First Humphrey-Dumpty, and now wearing the ORANGE clothes! How could she do that do the orange clothes?
Vanessa: Thing he dosen't know is that I also have his scarf hidden in my bag!


Chuck: Nathaniel, you know I love you to death... but you really.... REALLY... need to zip up your pants.........


Chuck: NO! I do NOT want to dance!


Vanessa (thinking - looking at Chuck): Damn! I wonder if it's too late to join B at the single's table...


Chuck: Nate, i have to tell you something, i know that we are not friends anymore but i can really hold to tell you this... you dad... i saw him outside.. he was talking to a man..
Nate: look man, we ar not friends anymore.. so stop getting on my way.. stop talking about my dad...
Chuck:i saw him, you gotta believe me.. i saw him with a man...
Nate: my father is a drug addict but not a queer!


Chuck: Nate (taps him on the shoulder)
Nate: (turns around) What chuck
Chuck: You got a little fish in your teeth
Nate: Really were
Chuck: Right about here (shows him by pointing to his teeth
Nate: I cant get it
Chuck: here let me help you


i love chuck bass he is so good like a straberry milk shake! mmmm good xoxo


Nate: Chuck... I slept with Lily van der Woodsen. Chuck: WTF? When?? Nate: A week ago... Lily called me... she said she wanted me... and Serena was good in bed... so I figured... Chuck: You slept with my stepmom!(Chuck thinks for a little) Nice going! I wish I could do that!


Chuck: Oh em gee Nate!!! Nate: Chuck...you sound like a... a... girl! Chuck: That's cuz I am, silly! I discovered who I really am... and I'm gonna go through some surgeries to make me look like Blair! Nate: Well, I'm starting to get bored with Vanessa, maybe when you're a girl... you could be my girlfriend!

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