Gossip Girl Caption Contest 2

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, week two. You submitted some great entries, all of you, but we can pick only one winner.

This week, it's nikki. Congratulations! The winning caption appears beneath the photo. Scroll down the page to read all the ones we received!

Thanks for playing and best of luck again this week!

Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald

Nate: Chuck Bass, why aren't you wearing your scarf? It's a wedding! You do wear that even during sex, right?

Chuck: I gave my scarf to that vanessa girl, so that she can wear a signature dress, oh make that a signature piece of cloth, today.

Vanessa: (thinking) I can't wait 'til Nate takes off my new Burberry panties.

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Chuck: god man, i told you not to wear that green tie! Now me match too much! Nate: No we don't. I'm wearing pink undies and you're wearing yellow ones! *hahaha ;)


Nate: What is it you want?
Chuck: Why are you with Punky Brewster?
Is this a desperate cry for attention?
Nate: Just shut it.
Chuck: Come on. I did what I did but I can't just let you ruin your life for her. Vanessa: (thinking) Good thing I chose Nate. Chuck is good-looking but most definitely short. Darn.


Nate: What??? You slept with Vanessa too? God, man, you always sleep with the girls I like! First Blair, now Vanessa, what next, Serena? Chuck: Well... I wasn't gonna tell you just yet, but... Nate: Oh, dude, that is so not cool. Vanessa: (thinking) These Upper East Siders are HOT. Maybe I should sleep with Bart Bass next...


Chuck: Do you want to hug me as much as i want to hug you? Nate: Yes Vanessa: Too much beatutifulnes...


Chuck: Nathaniel my friend, it's time to start going after women who are not involved with Dan Humphrey. It's getting old. Nate: Blair wasn't involved with Dan. Chuck: That's because Blair has taste... she slept with me after all. Nate: Who the hell do you think you are? Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass..


Chuck: Look I know you still are angry about Blaire but I need to tell you something, guy to guy.
Nate: What do you want "Basstard"
Chuck: (chuckles) Why thank you Nathaniel, but I just wanted to inform you of the giant slime ball that is making his way out of here.
Nate: For the last time Chuck I don't want you spying on my Father he is clean so why don't you go back to touching a different guy, my dad isn't homo OR "bass" sexual.
Chuck: Excuse me but Eric van der Woodsen is blonde, about three feet tall, and lives in the Palace Hotel. If you need directions don't hesitate to ask. For now though, you should know that I was talking about the booger dripping from your left nostril. Here's a tissue for any blowing you need to do. (chuckles again)
Nate: Very funny, would you like to finish YOUR blowing too? Too bad though because Blaire is above your filthy level.
Chuck: For your information Archibald, my attempts at capturing Lady Waldorf have proven more successful than yours. Another piece of advice, change your pants, because even Humphrey knows that LL Bean pants don't mix with jealousy, OR failure.
Nate: You would wear them too if you could, but sadly, your chode would be widely known to all of the Upper East Side after one minute of being in public.
Chuck: (turns head as walking away) Always a pleasure Nathaniel, tell your father I said Hello.


Chuck: Nate, I'm sorry... but I just don't think being one of those guards in front of Buckingham Palace is in your future
Nate: I have more patience and stamina than you do. Plus, I'll have tons of girls trying to make me laugh... they might even flash me.
Chuck: Sign me up!!


Nate: Okay ready? 1,2,3 staring contest!
Chuck:Dude,you are so on!


Venessa:(to nate)I don... i dont want to be with you anytmore. I love chuck! Chuck: what! oh god why do all girls fall head over heels for me? I love Blair! you can keep her nate! Nate: why would i want to be with someone who dosnt want to be with me? Im leaving!


Nate: Dude, you need a tic tac

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