Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest CXIII

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Welcome, Grey's Anatomy fans worldwide, to our Monday morning tradition, the Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest - now in its 113th week.

This week's winner is McAmber. Congratulations! The winning caption appears under the photo. Scroll down to view the complete list of entries, too.

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Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Bizarre Love Triangle?

Erica: Do you think anybody has seen it yet?
Mark: Seen what yet?
Callie: My home pregnancy test stuck to the board.

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Calllie: Do I have anything in my teeth? Erica: No, Do I? Mark: Is this really what you spend all your time here doing? Mark: Oh Erica, you don't have anything in your teeth.


Mark:You have seriously got to be kidding me. Callie:Yes Mark, they could have another strike. *Smiles happily* I don't have to see that Izzie! Erica: Grr, Ive only been on the show for one season and they are so mad they are going on strike because the writers refuse to write for me?
*Smiles happily just like callie*
looks like Mark will never get a storyline :)


mark: Awkwad.


Mark: (thinking) look at that bitch giggle! Damn it!!! I am McSteamy, no woman is gonna steal my rep. I work too hard for this. Erica: (thinking) Look at Callie she is so beautiful. What I would do to that. Get lost sloan I work alone. Callie: (thinking) Wow I got it both ways. I'm borderline which way should I go. Erica is so........but then Mark is so..........divorcing the help (George) sure got it's perks.


callie - haha erica that was soo funnnyy erica - thanks..hah i just had to say it mark [thinking] - wooah hold up. is that guy checking erica out? umm no way that lesbians mine!


calllie *thinking* - damn erica why do u always make me smile every damn time i see u...shit wat will mark think mark *thinking* -wtf? callie just was depressed because shes pregnant with my baby and now ..shes..laughing and smiling!!!! erica *thinking* - hmmmm i think today would be best to propose to callie!


Erica: "Last night was awesome, Callie- I've never tried THAT position before! You are the greatest!"
Callie: "No, YOU are the greatest! Will you go steady with me?"
Mark: (thoughts) "Damn lesbians! I wonder which position Hahn really like though! I'll have to ask Callie later"


erica: whats with all the tension? callie are you okay? callie: i'm fine....but marks a little out of it today. erica(thinking) oh no, i hope he didnt see me and callie, that would have been brutal... mark(thinking) oh great, every time i see callie or erica, pictures of them from last night start popping into my head...what position was that anyway?


Mark: Oh, this cannot be good. Erica is giving Callie the look that Derek gives Meredith all the time. Oh nooo.


Callie: (laughing) "...and then Mark said 'hey, do you want my pickle?'..and I said 'no, I'm into the vagina squad now.' He started crying and ran away like a little school girl"
Hahn: (laughing) "maybe he can grow himself a vagina in a test tube, ya know...cuz he's like God..."
Mark: "um...I'm standing right here..."

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