Grey's Anatomy Writers Fire Back at Heigl

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One day after Katherine Heigl announced she would drop out of this year's Emmy race, because Grey's Anatomy did not give her material to warrant a nomination, a key show insider is fighting back against the comment,

Contacting Entertainment Weekly to address the actress' public complaint about the show, the Grey's Anatomy writer/producer was far from pleased:

"The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule, and then she criticizes the show for lack of material? It's an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place."

She made the comments June 12 after the star's name did not appear on the list of Emmy contenders distributed by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Always Up to No Good

The omission was especially bizarre, considering that Katherine Heigl actually won last year's award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama.

Critics jeered Heigl's performance early in the season, complaining about the romance between her character, Izzie, and George (T.R. Knight).

But the actress shined in Grey's Anatomy's Season Four finale when her character redeemed herself, as well as her career at Seattle Grace.

This isn't the first time Katherine Heigl has publicly criticized the show that helped to make her a household name, as we know.

Last year, she dropped out of salary renegotiations, reportedly because she felt the studio doesn't value her as much as it does her cohorts.

ABC fired back, insisting the Grey's Anatomy star had in fact been offered a substantial raise. Heigl has since received a salary bump.

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i think that although season 4 had its struggles there was still a whole lot of izzie stuff going on- especially at the start and finish, however i think it should be irrelevant how much screen time she got, the fact that she's openly criticising the show that MADE her is a sign that she does not have any respect for either the show or the writers- fine feel bitter, you're entitled but don't openly tell people! it's disrespectful and unproffessional- also does that mean she thinks dame judi dench's oscar was undeserved for the 8 minutes of screen time she had in shakespeare in love? she could have made her performance great whatever the script was like- that's like blaming the weather for why you're late- LAME EXCUSE.


Being honest does not work all the time, it should be tempered with tact. KH definitely lacks that. She was up for an acting award and a truly great actress could pull it off even if the writing is bad. If she wanted to comment on the writing she can perfectly do so but it should not be used as an excuse for substandard acting. The rest of the cast had good performances despite the bad script especially in the pre-strike episodes. If KH is honest with herself, she should admit that she was given more acting material than SO and CW. Shame on her that these two showed good acting with what little material they were given. I do hope they get nominated as well as EP in the lead category.


if u seriously dont think what heigl said was rude then u must not have heard what she said right. read what Lauren Marie..Pt. 2said above. it makes perfect sense!


this is harsh but if she is to leave, I vote she dies in some kind of tragedy and there's this big scene with her and Denny... ya know


I am sick of Katherine too, I tolerated her before because I love Gizzie so much and they are my favorite couple, but since it seems we will never have them again, the ungrateful witch can leave. Without Gizzie, Izzie is a total bore. Not sure how my sweet TR can be friends with her.


While I agree that the writing on GA may not have been stellar for some of the S4 episodes, I totally disagree with how Katherine chose to voice her opinion of it. It showed a total lack of respect for her employers, and they have every right to do something about that, either it be something like firing her, or giving her even worse material next season. You never bite the hand that feeds you, unless you are willing to deal with the consequences. There was a classy way for Katie to address her disappointment with the material she was given, and this was not it. Some of her co-stars (i.e. Eric, Sandra, Chyler, and James) were given even less to do than she was, and I don't see them complaining to the press about it. They have my respect, while Katie is quickly losing it.


I agree with Kate! From everything else that I've read about Katherine Heigl it sounds like she is modest and personable. This is the first negative thing I have heard about her and it does seem like she said a few things that were blown out of proportion and possibly taken out of context, for all any of us know.


I'm totally on the writer's side. She should leave, seriously it's Grey's that made her all famous n stuff, and now she's bitch slapping back at them. The writers did a bad job cuz of the writers strike thingy, but then the show returned bigger and better. KH is such a b***** $^%@^T^#($


She's a total bitch!!! I used to like her, but now I can't stand her...She did the same thing with Knocked Up. As soon as the movie was a success, she criticized it. I hope people see how fake and ungrateful she is a do not give her any more jobs!!! She sucks!!!


I have read all the comments and about 50 to 60% say that they are tired of her whining on the show and won't mind it if her character is let go. You are simply proving KH's point! If her material was Emmy-worthy you would be BEGGING for her to stay. She is WHINEY because that is what the writers give her character!!!! Secondly, an Emmy is a personal award. She turned down a personal award for herself. What is wrong with you people?


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