ABC President Has Rx For Private Practice

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Much of the speculation in the Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice universe has revolved around Katherine Heigl's future with the former.

ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson said yesterday that Heigl isn't leaving - and offered his insight on Private Practice as well.

Down in L.A., Kate Walsh and company are getting a reset of sorts as Season 2 of Private Practice approaches, according to McPherson.

"In the best episodes of [Private Practice], there was still unbelievable medical drama juxtaposing against the personal drama," he said.

The prez promised more interaction with the hospital, less angst in the coffee room, and Addison back in the surgical theater.

Sounds like they've found a cure for what ailed Private Practice in its debut season - or at least are working on it!

Hot topics (and women): Embattled Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and Grey's star-turned Private Practice leading lady Kate Walsh.

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well in my opinion I like that adie come back to the OR but i want more for LA the point was that she want a change i would like more for her in the city in a dance place in the nigth like in the begining of the story , and more like love etc!! but Kate she is the best! I can't wait untils september for watch private practice


yay shes back! wooohooo :D
im sooo glad, finally!


It'S about time that they put Addison back in the OR. Those stuff with the natural birth thing is okay, once. But nobody needs a classified neonatal ...... surgeon for that. It's a waste of talent and time. And not believable that a full-blooded surgeon like Addison is able to give up surgeries, she is the best in her field. And certainly not because of her looks.
I'm so glad to her that Addison goes back to the OR. I would like it better if it's an OR at Seattle Grace, but that another story.
Thanks for the updates.


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