Did The CW Make Blair Naked in Gossip Girl Ad?

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A shrewd investigative eye reveals the following theory about the sexy Gossip Girl ads for Season Two - someone in the CW marketing department spiced up an already-hot show even more by making Blair Waldorf naked!

Compare the advertisement for "A Nasty Piece of Work" with a photo from the episode "School Lies" which aired earlier this year:

A Nasty Piece of Work (II)
Remember After the Ball?

Of course, there's also the theory that this is a NEW photo, and Blair is indeed topless (and possibly bottomless as well) with a new man this season.

What do you think, Gossip Girl sleuths? Is that Blair and Nate? Is she skinny-dipping in a new photo or is this photoshop at its best?

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Bad Publicity is still publicity!! CW did an awesome job to use those quotes for their promo posters of season 2.


"The nasty piece of work" thing? I really think they mean it in a good way not a bad way.


Obviously,that's nate and blare.


I don't don't think they made her naked cos if you watch the episode she isn't kissing nate like that, she's trying to get away from him cos of chuck


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i think it's photoshopped too. but i don't see the problem if it's not, i mean he's wearing shorts so there not likely to get up to much. the new york post really need to lighten up!
personally i watch GG for the laughs and the fashion, i could never do anything like that anyway. as long as my parents are ok with me watching who cares!? xoxo.


it definently looks like nate, but if tht is photoshopped someone has done it really well, so i dont think it is photo shopped and agree with Nora
new pic...
new pool...
same guy


thats Blair and Nate. 1st she was into the kiss then she pusshe dhim off her and told him they cant happen


u guys r all so stupid! its blair and nate its so clear too and yes they totally photoshopped blairs swim suit off.


i totally agree that this is the perfect teen show
and yes, they shot the pic frum a diff. angle to the other one (where b is wearing bathers) but in GG ads we see different angles to the scenes actually shown in the episode


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