Gossip Girl Ads Get Even More Racy

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Gossip Girl may not get the ratings, but it will sure get people talking. Its newest advertising campaigns will make certain of that.

The show's second season begins September 1, following an August promotion to put viewers... in the proper mood. A very sexy mood.

And in an ironic twist, racy new Gossip Girl ads co-opt language from the very criticism of the show for being too, well, racy.

Alert surfers got a preview last week, when images of coupled-up Gossip Girl characters found their way onto several websites.

Every Parent's Nightmare
Very Bad For You

For example, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) appears with her eyes shut dreamily, mouth open, while a "friend" nuzzles her neck.

Strongly suggesting the pair are just getting started, the headline, which quotes The Boston Herald, declares: "Every Parent's Nightmare."

Then there's one featuring the morally bankrupt Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) seductively feeding some girl cherries. "Very Bad For You," indeed.

Follow the jump for more of the new Gossip Girl ads ...

Other such moments (on a couch, in the sack or even skinny-dipping) are called "A Nasty Piece of Work" or "Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate."

Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate
A Nasty Piece of Work

That latter phrase was borrowed from the Parents Television Council, which has blasted the series' salacious content since its premiere.

The series debuted last fall. Then, in January, its run was interrupted (along with every other show) by the Hollywood writers strike.

No new episodes were aired until April 21, for which the first, controversial welcome-back campaign was launched.

That promotion included a pair of racy images of the show's characters with a simple, declarative headline: "OMFG."

THAT got people talking. This surely will too.

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yeah i have to agree with the girl from uk . i also dont live in the us and here theres that show SKINS it's all bout sex they don't talk about anything else they show the whole uhmm process and GG doesn't . americe is way to sensetive i mean i live in europeand if u see the things that 8 years watch on tv ; disgusting . they pratically air anything here .is that with serena the one where she thinks she killed someone ?




Gossip girl i gettin' steamier, can't fucking wait!! Parents are just plain stupid, gg is not for you!! is for us!! :)


Isn't that picture of serena the one of her with the guy she killed??


I don't have a problem with the pictures at all. It shows what the show is about.


i heard that the guy with Serena is either Chuck or Nate and thats a gross thought considering that Chuck is her step brother


The show honestly isn't meant for children so what are they complaining about. If parents are letting their kids watch it then it's their fault that the little one's are being corrupted not the companies or the actors. That would be why they market these things for a certain age group.


There's nothing wrong with Gossip Girl, OK maybe 13+ but I didn't see the parents being quite so outraged with the book series which are far worse in my opinion, the TV series cuts out the Blair/Serena fling, Nate's drugs, most of Blair's bulimia and a lot of sex.


Hello, I think the parents are being overreactive. If Gossip Girl were a movie, I doubt it will even get as far as a M18 rating, or even NC16. I'm only 14 and I like this show even though I do not live in America, not because there is sex or anything (which there TOTALLY isn't), but because it is a great show for teenagers and any girl who adores fashion. It is realistic and almost like a dream for people like me who do not live on the UES. But on the other hand, we can view "Mind-blowingly Inappropriate" as a comment to reach out to more people :)


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