Gossip Girl Fashion: Woman On the Verge

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The Gossip Girl episode "Woman On the Verge" was full of family drama and revenge plotting, and was also a feast for Gossip Girl fashion fans.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode, telling you where you can get its amazing looks ...

It's easy to see where Serena gets not only her good looks, but also her amazing fashion sense (it might be genetics) – her mother, Lily van der Woodsen.

Serena looked stunning as always in an Alberta Ferretti dress (unfortunately sold out – but keep your eyes open it might appear in some sales or vintage sections) and Van Clef and Arpels jewellery (Alhambra Vintage collection – yellow gold and mother-of-pearl, possible to get a similar one here).

Lily and Serena van der Woodsen

Talking about genetics (or her mother’s influence) Serena abandons her usual ‘I-just-found-this-item-two-seconds-ago-somewhere-and-still-managed-to-look-better-than-anyone-in-Manhattan’ and puts on an amazingly chic Lavender label Vera Wang strapless satin gown ($413 on sale, available here).

The Concert

The outfits in this episode have a slightly magically medieval feel to them – above, Serena put on her golden shiny armour in preparation to the battle with the Evil Georgina, while Blair (the only parallel could be with Magician Merlin) decided to chose a more modest outfit of a mastermind behind the plan.

Seeking Georgina

Serena: Gryphon Shrunken patent pea coat ($506, here) or Burberry London Gold Single Breasted Trench Coat (on sale here, however currently unavailable). Loeffler Randall bib dress ($197, here); Katherine Kwei Teresa knot lambskin hobo Nieman Marcus ($860, here); Gemma Redux Lariat necklace, $640 (here).

Blair: Jennifer Behr headband ($162, here); Foley & Corinna Dress ($87, here).

Meanwhile, special guest star Lisa Loeb wore a Lewis Cho Pintucked striped dress ($209, on sale here). Vanessa stays true to her unique style with Truly Madly Deeply t-shirt ($28, here), selection of similar from Urban Outfitters (here), Bracelet Forever 21 (unfortunately sold out, similar here), sweater/cardigan H&M.

Lisa Loeb

Non-Judging Breakfast Club

In this Mustard Colour Dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs (unfortunately from SS07) B catches the eye of both her ex-boyfriends, if only for a second...

Georgina Sparks

For a late night person such as Georgina Sparks, there is a need to look perfect in the morning, in case she needs to – this is wisely done by covering the tired eyes with shades and accessorizing the outfit with fun stuff, like bags and scarf.

Lauren Moffatt Ruffle Neck Top ($286, here); Valentino patent leather histoire ($11,795, here); Casadei women’s 6653 high heel ankle ($609, here), Cheap Monday tight Jean in Green Grey ($65, here); Tom Ford Aviator ($184, here).  

Final Note

In reference to the comments from last week's Gossip Girl fashion column, if you meant Serena’s bag in this picture it is a Chanel Executive / the Cerf bag ($2,125, here), however Serena’s is crocodile or alligator (here).

Serena is So Back

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


I'm looking for the dress' she (blair) is wearing! They're gorgeous :O!
If anyone know's weather or not they're still sold, please tell me :)


daymn i've been trying everywhere and i can't find the Foley and Corinna dress..
Can anyone help?


GAH I can't find the Foley and Corinna Dress anyyywhere.
The website doesn't seem to have it and i've been searching all over the net..
Can anyone help?


oh its the snake necklace.


hi is any one knows what brand is serena's necklace in one of the episode?


The strapless dark blue dress Serena wears to her mom's wedding dinner {episode WOMAN ON THE VERGE}, who made that? I clicked on the link above and that dress was NOTHING like the one she wore. Can anyone help me?? Thanks,


Gossip Girl features the best clothes on TV! But i agree, everything is sooo expensive...take a look at HauteLook.com, it's an online sample sale that sells a lot of the designers mentioned above, but for up to 75% off! They're having a Katherine Kwei sale on july 31st & feature many of these other designers ALL the time! www.hautelook.com


Not only do they play amazing music on the show, but they dress the actors in the best styles!


Omg. I wish I could buy Blair's Jennifer Behr headband. Ugh. Not only that it's expensive, but I'm all the waaaaaay here in the Philippines! Gaaaawd. HAHAHA.


i am so getting Blair's Foley & Corinna dress
i've wanted it since i saw it on the show

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