Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan and Serena

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Our recent post featuring Penn Badgley and Blake Lively in a sexy beach embrace sparked some debate. Will Dan and Serena will get back together on Gossip Girl, or was this just the real-life couple making out?

Well, it certainly can't hurt if the actors' hearts are really into it. A source on the scene confirms to E! Online this afternoon that "I'm pretty sure that's for the show. They do kiss in the first episode."

Dan-dy Smooch!

Dan (Penn Badgley) and Serena (Blake Lively) in the Hamptons.

The only dark clould potentially hovering over this sizzling beach scene? The same Gossip Girl spoiler source reports that the Dan-Serena reunion might not last too long. So enjoy it while you can.

On the plus side, the source reports "The Hamptons episodes look amazing." That's right, episodes, plural. Turns out, the Gossip Girl gang will be in the Hamptons in the first two episodes of Season 2!

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i cant get enough of DAN AND SERENA.
all the way S+D, C+B, N+? !


omg i totally agree with Mag
y else would J be there????? oh and i have some news for all the Nate+Serena fans: serena and nate are supposed to hook up!!!!!! but not for long....
luv u all...xoxo


they happen to be my best.all e best


mara, no no no! I have a better idea, chuck-blair could be like summer+seth and nathan+haley. dan and serena are just wring for each other!


Soleil, Im so with you! Show me more of Chuck and Blair!!!!!!


I love derena to the fullest!! Its my fav couple on the show


luky dan


I love Chuck more than anyone, but I never get sick of Derena!!


Amen, Soleil, I agree!


I'm so sick of Dan and Serena. More Chuck and Blair please!

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