Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Blair's New Guy

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Last week, we talked about a Gossip Girl spoiler involving Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and a new guy spending time together this summer.

Well, this very same guy was also spotted getting sweaty over an intense game of squash with Blair's friend/love, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick).

So who is this guy and what’s his story?

Blair and Marcus

His name is Marcus, and he is played by Patrick Heusinger.

An inside source on the Gossip Girl set says: “He’s Blair’s new love interest and Chuck’s rival. Blair met him in Europe, introduced by Ben, whom she flew to Italy with after Chuck stood her up.”

So what’s he doing playing squash with Chuck?

Observers at the Eastern Athletic Club on Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights say Chuck may be taking a page from Georgina Sparks' playbook - getting chummy with Marcus over a round of squash, earning his trust, and then trying to screw Blair over.

At the end of the squash scene, observers say Marcus and Chuck shook hands on the court and then Marcus gave Chuck a telephone number, which Chuck programmed into his cell. All very interesting ...

Thoughts on these Gossip Girl spoilers and rumors?

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i thought that guy's name was james?? in the 3 minute preview chuck was talking to 'JAMES', who looked identical to this guy. are there gonna be two identical love interests for blair (+ chuck of course... love him!)? coz thats just confusing


i want B+C and N+S there teh best couples


I am glad blair found someone else cuz i kind of would like to see nate and serena together. they would be the best couple. Dan is a little to boring


It's DEFINATELY Lord Marcus from the book!I can't wait till September 1st!:)


i heard somewere that the main focus of season 2 will be blair
i mean, the whole of season 1 was practically devoted to serena, its blairs turn to shine!
i think the ending of season 1 was dodgy, they should have just stopped it at the wedding scene with s+d dancing, so their future would be unknown until season 2
and not have done the one week later thingo
oh and i also heard that blair IS just using marcus to get at chuck
and that it works...


whats the bike marcus has..i really want it?????????????????


i love blair and chuck 2gether there the best and i think nate and serena shood b 2gether 2 i don't like dan


i hope chuck and blair get back together they make a "bad" couple. i havent seen season two yet and i already don't like this guy AT ALL .


Uhh well, Blair is only dating him to make Chuck jealous.


I think Blairs new guy is a fake boyfriend and that shes just trying to make Chuck jealous....
but i hope Blair and Nate go back to each other=]

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