Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Callica Update

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All the Callica (Callie and Erica) fans are dying for some gossip on what will become of Grey's Anatomy's lesbian romance in Season Five.

There's the pregnancy rumor which has been addressed quite a bit, but there must be something else, right? Are they officially a couple?

Is Erica too emotionally guarded and stunted for a relationship? And where does the great Mark Sloan fit in when it comes to Callie?

Erica and Callie Work It

TV Guide's Matt Mitovich doesn't have too much to add in the Grey's Anatomy spoiler department, but he does say this in his new column:

"Oh, the poor Callica fans and their cute little couple name. Well, things are going to be... awkward between the two docs when Grey's Anatomy comes back. And the pregnancy rumor, I hear from one source, is pure hogwash."

Hmm... does that mean there's no pregnant Callie, or no pregnant character at all?

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and that is exactly what i said.
love always Syd


I am new to Grey's anatomy and loving it btw.
I was wondering if there was going to be a season 5 and if so when does it begin?


***Potential Spoiler** I have no evidence that the following prediction is legit, but I would hate for someone to read it, it turn out to be true, and then they're all mad I accidentally gave it away. I have a prediction involving both the pregnancy rumors and the Callica relationship. What if no one is pregnant now- but was once pregnant in the past? I think it's possible that part of Dr. Hahn's mysterious past is that she has a child, maybe even and adult child. I kind of hate the idea, but I think it's possible. It would be a way of "softening" her character for the audience and arousing their sympathies and compassion for her as she's in the process of (maybe) disclosing that she's gay. Not that I think she needs to be softened, or that my sympathies need to be aroused. I'm perfectly sympathetic already, but I may be in the minority.


I am sorry, but I like Erica a lot more than Burke, and it's not just because she's played by the fabulous Brooke Smith. I did totally love the Burketina storyline, but I think the way they ended up having him go - Cris's reaction to it all - the wedding and the leaving - all of it - was just perfect - for making someone leave, that is. But I love Erica's wit and her comments that she constantly makes to anyone she doesn't like or who pisses her off. Burke annoyed me a little with his 'always wanting to be better' thing. I realize it's good to improve, but sometimes just staying the way you are is good too. Plus, I think there's a lot more area to explore with Erica. She's got that whole nobody-knows-me thing goin on. I mean, Callie, we assume knows her, being her BFF, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't have secrets. Personally, I'm thinking she must, given how her character is. Plus, I'm not sure how many others have noticed just exactly how emotional she is? She tries to hide it, and does it fairly well, but I'd say that the writers are just sitting on the opportunity to make her have a nervous breakdown or something. Because, first off, that's what they like to do, and second, it's the same as with Bailey. Just because she's strong doesn't mean she ALWAYS has to be. She's human. PS. sorry for writing so much.


I agree with kim about the realistic side to the awkwardness, but I really don't want Callica. As for killing off Izzie, I completely agree with Rachael. Grey's isn't the same without Burke and getting rid of Izzie wouldn't help the show's ratings.


I could see a pregnant Callie, I mean someone HAS to have a baby on this show! That could maybe lead the awkwardness between Callie and Erica... As for them killing off Izzie, I think that would be a HUGE mistake! The show isn't the same with Burke, quite frankly I liked Burke a lot better than Erica. If they get rid of Izzie, one of the cast favorites, it'll take a toll on the show. Yea it was rude to say what she did, but in a way I agree with her. She played a minor character in the last season and just had some bizarre things going on (saving a deer, sleeping with George then breaking up like 2 days later, and basically not having a backbone with her interns (totally not like Izzie, she's hardcore from trailer trash)). I'm very eager to see what's going to happen (and to see Denny!!!), but would be horribly upset if they got rid of Izzie.


No ladies left to pursue. Puhleeze, they are not gonna make Mark Sloan all celibate and wholesome. Something's gonna jump off with somebody (hopefully Erica). Yeah I said it. That chemistry we saw in Lay Your Hands On Me will come back full force (I hope).


At first, I had the same thought at Gemma, but when I read Kims post, I realized she's right. I think in my head, I had them living "Happily Ever After" when they had that kiss. But it's not realistic. So, this does give me hope. Eric Dane did an interview on Entertainment Tonight and they asked him if he was going to have any relationships this season, and he said that no, there's going to be no ladies left to persue and he's trying to encourage the other 2 to be togeher. So, my guess from that statement is that maybe Sloan has changed his ways to a certain extent and sees that Callie and Erica should be together and is trying to convince them to see that. Even that gives me hope. I can't wait for the new season! 2 more months! Ahh!


In my opinion we have three options...
a)That there is't pregnant callia
b)That there isn't any character pregnant
c)Or that another lady who shared a kiss is pregnant...maybe Meredith?(I hope so!)

Honey tats

I agree with Kim 100%. Things being awkward between them is a good thing. You got to have faith in Shonda and the writers. I think they're going to do things right with Callica.

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