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Private Practice star Kate Walsh promises that despite Season One being cut short by the writers’ strike last winter, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off will be juicier than ever when it returns this fall (October 1).

That means more fun for Addison Montgomery, who is settled into her new L.A. digs and ready to explore a love life outside the workplace.

“You’ll see Addison dating,” Walsh told People. “There’s a lot of conflict and still that kind of mad and sick balance of comedy and drama that [series creator] Shonda Rhimes is such an expert at delivering.”

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Walsh said her pairing with new love interest David Sutcliffe, seen briefly in the first season as a SWAT officer, is “so fun.”

“Addison around Officer Nelson, the SWAT guy, is different than what comes out around Pete Wilder (Tim Daly) or [Grey's Anatomy stars] Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) or Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) or anyone else that you’ve seen,” the Private Practice leading lady said.

“It’s really fun to see this total other side of her come out that we never saw. It hit me, this little epiphany of like, ‘Oh, we’ve never seen Addison into someone or someone that likes her back.’”

Walsh revealed that Addison is also stronger and more centered after finally adjusting to her life after relocating to Santa Monica.

“Initially in those first nine Private Practice episodes she’s still getting her footing, still isn’t quite sure and a little wobbly, and then you see that she’s got her groove back.”

While the rest of her cast and crew took an extended break after the strike, Kate Walsh was back in character as Addison on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when she made a return trip to the show last spring.

“It was a little disorienting, but it was also fun,” she said of the homecoming, which she called a case of “art imitating life.”

And to whether or not one of Addison’s former colleagues at Seattle Grace will ever visit her in sunny Santa Monica, Walsh says:

“Why not? That would be a fun idea.”

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I have been reading all of the spoilers and cast info. First, Shondra you are a genius! both of your shows are excellent and what tv needed. I love your talents. I really love that you gave Kate Walsh her own show to display her full talents. I didn't like her and Pete together. It just seemed to 'greys' romance for her. But SWATy guy coming on to put some flame into her life? OMG I looooove every scene. They are great together. I laugh, I go 'awwwww' and I hope she doesn't let him say 'i love you' chase him off. Give him a chance to see how everyone responds to them. Anyway, Kate is a wonderful, beautiful woman. I'm excited to see the Feb sweeps and cross overs. As long as it doesn't involve trouble with MerDer or someone coming over and causing Addy trouble. I hope they are about over themselves for Addy trying to help and get back to being there for each other. It was hard watching the way Addy was treated after Naomi wanted her at the practice. But that's what makes the show great. If it was real life, Addy would have just said screw you, I'm going back to being the best surgeon in my field and you can lose your practice..THanks for giving me a sound off and for delivering 2 wonderful shows weekly. Shondra, you are the best and I hope you receive awards after awards for your amazing writing talents.


callie should visit addison in L.A

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