Shonda Rhimes' Plans For Callie and Erica

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At the Television Critics Association press tour last week, Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes was questioned about various aspects of the show and its upcoming Season Five, and the topic on so many people's minds is the potential romantic relationship between Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith).

Her answers, while vague on plot details, nonetheless confirm that there will be a romantic relationship between Callie and Erica.

"We have a really interesting, wonderful, funny way of laying out the story of Callie and Erica that I'm pretty excited about, that I feel like is not necessarily your typical — if there can be a typical — your typical way of dealing with the storyline," Rhimes said.

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While developing this Grey's Anatomy story, Shonda consulted GLAAD, who brought in openly gay writer-producers Nikki Weiss and Trish Doolan.

Their job? Answer questions about how they identified themselves (as lebian or bi), when were they first aware of their attraction to a woman, and if they ever slept with a man to prove to themselves that they weren't gay.

"What I love about this is we sat down with GLAAD and talked about women who figure out that they're lesbians later in life and what it means for them," Shonda Rhimes said.

"And we really were able to find some really great, humorous and serious emotional stuff to play that's going to feel really interesting and also affect their lives in the hospital."

According to Rhimes, the new season will pick up with Callie pondering "what does it mean that she's kissed a girl? Is she excited it about it?"

That's been the central focus of fans for some time. We'll also finally get to see the experience from the perspective of Erica Hahn, as well.

"We don't really know Erica's side of the story yet, in terms of what's going on with the two of them," Rhimes explained. "We're going to watch that play out and then we're going to watch the larger world of what happens when the two of them come out in the hospital, and what happens when Callie's dad finds out and that sort of thing, which I think is going to be really, really interesting."


Rhimes' comments indicating that the show will explore "what happens when the two of them come out in the hospital" answers the most pressing question for many lesbian/bi viewers by confirming this simple fact:

The two women will, in fact, have a romantic relationship.

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hi, i have never watched greys anatomy, i know, i know, but my daughter has recently gotten into it, and because ive never watched it, i dont know if it is age appropriete. i was wondering if you all could help me out, she is a mature 13 year old, going into high school. thanks!


MerDer, I have grown up in the church all my life and yes they teach that homosexuality is wrong I recall, premarital sex is wrong and adultery is wrong. From the beginning of Grey's Anatomy, both of these issues have always been there.
Think about it, Meredith and Derek's relationship is based off of both of these issues. Yet you had absolutely no problem watching it until Shonda decided to make Erica and Callie lesbians. Maybe you should re-read the bible.
Two of my best friends are gay and I love them for it. It takes a lot more courage to come out and say you're gay, then it does to protest homosexuality. When you judge people for being different, it just makes you look like a fool.
Have you ever thought how many people you may be friends with that are gay.....and you don't know about it because they are afraid you are going to judge them. Thou shalt not judge. Shonda....rock on with Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!


Hey MerDer..I can stand up for what I believe in. I am a lesbian and damn proud of it.


Yes! Way to go Shonda for making the show a reflection of Seattle, full of all kinds of people who get along (or not) based on personal interaction and not on race or sexual orientation. Extra props for getting GLAAD involved to make sure it's done right. I think Callie and Erica are great together. I knew they would get together after I saw the first post-strike episode and I've been rooting for them ever since! Melissa
straight ally and proud member of GLAAD




Hey Megan..I think exactly the same as you. I'd grew up at Baptist church and been in there for 24 years. I have never ever in my life read in the bible that we are suppose to hate any human been. but the sin.
My best friend Samuel grew up with me at the same church, we all knew he was gay, since he was like 6 years. Wow so now he is going born in the hell...maybe, maybe I'm going to, cuz I love him, I think he is great. And I'll never ever in my life stop been his friend. Or hate him. I don't think Jesus would do it too. So spread the good word of Jesus not this whole hate-thing are a big sinner and Jesus loves you anyway. And that all I've to say abt it. Grey's Anatomy Roxx And I hope with all my heart that they do a great job with Callica story cuz its great so far! R.


Seriously, merder, quit it. We are standing up for what we believe in too. I am Baptist and strait but I have friends who are gay, and I dont care. I think its great what Shonda is doing. Maybe if you see how its still love no matter the gender, you will quit being such a close-minded moron. If you dont like it, quit talking about it.


You know, MerDer, I've read the bible and lesbians actually get a free pass. Never mentioned once. Spilling seed, the story of Lot all have to do with men being together. The bible says NOTHING about women loving women. And besides do you really follow everything in the bible? You're not supposed to eat pig and men are supposed to all have beards, if we all followed the rules set down in the bible. I like me some bacon. So I'm down with homosexuality too. God bless Grey's Anatomy!


You all can call me names and ridicule me all you would like...I really do not care. There is a point where you have to draw the line on things. If you watch GA, they talk about "drawing the line" quite a bit. For those of you who say I am being judgemental, you should actually sit down and READ the Bible before you go spouting off at what you think it preaches. My goal in life is to be like Christ, and even He told people when they were living in a wrong lifestyle. I am simply standing up for what I believe in. There is nothing in this world that is wrong with that. Maybe one day, you all will be brave enough to do the same.


Do we have to go down the homophobic/religious route again?! MerDer - we get it you're a homophobic idiot you going to stop watching the show because Shonda dare to keep it real. Gay men and women have just as much right to be portrayed on TV. I'm looking forward to September 25th and I now after reading that ^^^ and Brooke's interview with AE I have faith in Shonda to do this storyline jusitce to keep it real and dirty .. :);)

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