An Epic Gossip Girl Fight, Starring ...

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Apparently, a couple of Gossip Girl characters get into a huge fight in a future episode of the show's upcoming second season.

Curious as to who it is? Follow the jump and see ...

Yup, it's Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)! It looks like they really go at it, as well!

The gorgeous actresses filmed an epic cat-fight scene at a house in Brooklyn - plenty of hair-pulling, shoving and shouting ensued.

Click on the action shots below to enlarge ... and tell us what you think Blair and Serena might be fighting about this time.

Ready to Rumble
Serena-Blair Fight
Cat Fight!!!!!

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I so agree wit 'Bianca' that's the reason why Serena and Blair r fightin.. Thank GOD! Someone knows wat there talkin bout. Lol


i saw a picture of jenny and nate kissing, so it cant be about nate. i hear from behind the scenes footage that it was serena ruining something for blair at yale and blair telling something to everyone about kyle(the guy serena killed)


Can you guys stop saying that Blair and Serena are fighting over a guy cause there not!


I think that B is helping D
maybe because B is belong to D
and the other guy where S like ..
maybe B doesn't like it and
so they fight..
or B like the other guy
where S likes him too
ummm... I think
lol :DD


I really don't think it's about a boy. Maybe about popularity.... or maybe even Yale.


It looks like this is going to be in the next few episodes. Probably about S taking over B's spot as "Queen". Serena is so mean to Blair when all Blair does is help her out since she gets herself in so much trouble. I bet you Serena says some really mean stuff to Blair and Blair just gets sick of it and shoves her. I can't wait to see what happens. I've got my money on Blair, honestly. Serena is athletic-looking, but Blair would fight dirty. She'd do anything to get what she wants.


Maybe Blair thinks that Serena gets all the attention since she is the new Queen Bee.


i would go for the "queen-bee title". that's why they are fighting:)


OMG girls.ok no georgina isnt coming back dont you read the news. B said it best shes THE bitch. BTW i love her for it. Anyhoo its about a fashion event trhey both go for but if u member B sucked last time and s totally ruled it and bs mom wanted to hire S instead. B and D would never get together. Hes from brooklyn. Catherine is only staying till the end of 4th episode contractually. In real life she has other projects working its not about a boy or yale. B made sure she would get in end of 1st season. Just watch gals.
Xo xo

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