Ready to Rumble
Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester) get into a huge fight on an episode of Gossip Girl in its second season.

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I predict no one will win this round. what's the point of a fight? The feud will never end like this.


i hate serena!!!!! i think she's like georgina. a PSYCHO BITCH! they suck! she was like so good and so kind to everyone on season 1 and first 4 episodes of season 2 and now she's acting like a total byotch! she does'nt need to be that bad juat beacuse dan dumped her! well for blair, i think she's so pretty and hot! unlike serena she looks like a pathetic 30 year old desperate housewife! lol


may be it's jealousy bout the rising serena


I'm pretty sure they're not fighting about a guy, especially Nate. Go & watch the catfight video that leaked on YouTube and listen carefully to what they're saying. It's hard to make out exactly what they're saying. But it sounds like Blair bought up Serena's past, and how that guy died when S & Georgina were doing drugs in Season 1. xoxo


I think it's normal for BFFs to fight, they've actually been through a lot. I think after this fight everything's gonna be ok again.

Chucks bear

wAy to go leighton...but she's small...i don't think she could push blake that hard.


If you watch the promo to this episode, u can tell that this has nothin 2 do wit Nate. No one thinks bout him no more. Sorry but it's true,. SO PLEASE STOP SAYING IT'S ABOUT A GUY CAUSE IT'S NOT!!!!!! And Serena and Blair r Just havin problems and they both want 2 go 2 Yale, well Blair does Serena is Just goin 2 piss her off.. Wat a bitch! Serena has become a bitch since last episode. Ever since Dan dumped her!! She feel stupid. Haha.. I'm not a Serena fan. I'm a Blair fan. :D


It does suck. I actually thought they were BFFs again, especially after Blair helped Serena out that time with Georgina


they can't fight!! i love them being best friends.


i bet there fighting about Nate. maybe Blair just found out that Serena and Nate did more than talking over the summer. xoxo.

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