An Epic Gossip Girl Fight, Starring ...

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Apparently, a couple of Gossip Girl characters get into a huge fight in a future episode of the show's upcoming second season.

Curious as to who it is? Follow the jump and see ...

Yup, it's Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)! It looks like they really go at it, as well!

The gorgeous actresses filmed an epic cat-fight scene at a house in Brooklyn - plenty of hair-pulling, shoving and shouting ensued.

Click on the action shots below to enlarge ... and tell us what you think Blair and Serena might be fighting about this time.

Ready to Rumble
Serena-Blair Fight
Cat Fight!!!!!

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it wont be about chuck.. and B never liked Dan i dont think? haha Rufus! that would be funny. but B didnt mind when she found out about S and Nate :) its going to be good. is the new series out on Sept 1st? in England?


that's not even blair, probably that old chick who hooks up with nate.


i'm pretty sure its not about a guy...i think it's about yale...i'm thinking that blair is jealous because serena is looking at yale for college and the director of admissions likes s more than blair...and yale is really blairs dream...and its definitely blair serena is fighting with...blake told people how much she and leighton were laughing while filming the scene.


ugh, not agaiN! can't they just get along?


It might about chuck or dan.
It kinda ended between blair and nate i think.


ouch,,,probably because of nate,,,


Maybe Serena broke up with Blair... *jokes* I just didn't want to be another person saying "Nate, it's always Nate."


It's definitely about Yale. :)


It's definitely about Yale. :)


it's about going to yale.
someone posted up a vid of it on fanpop. blair was saying something about how serena couldn't get into yale no matter what she tried, and serena was trying to get in just to spite her afterwards.

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