An Epic Gossip Girl Fight, Starring ...

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Apparently, a couple of Gossip Girl characters get into a huge fight in a future episode of the show's upcoming second season.

Curious as to who it is? Follow the jump and see ...

Yup, it's Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)! It looks like they really go at it, as well!

The gorgeous actresses filmed an epic cat-fight scene at a house in Brooklyn - plenty of hair-pulling, shoving and shouting ensued.

Click on the action shots below to enlarge ... and tell us what you think Blair and Serena might be fighting about this time.

Ready to Rumble
Serena-Blair Fight
Cat Fight!!!!!

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me thinks that its about
serena using nate to make dan jealous,
as b stil has feelings for nate,
and then she explains to dan her plan for revenge on serena (ie dan and blair fake together)
and then s finds out and bitchslaps blair!!!
i do love good cat fight!


blair seems to be starting the fight. And if she had kissed dan wouldn't serena be the super pissed one, ready to smack her around? So it must be something serena has done to make her mad.


No it's not about a guy. Apparently there will be a new socialite in the making coming to the show called Poppy. And she will help Serena see past everything. And I read a script excerpt and it had Poppy telling Serena to stand up for herself, because if Blair was a real friend, she would be there for Serena even if they both wanted the same thing. What B and S both want is something to do with a Fashion Show Event. So I think Serena ends up going for whatever both her and Blair wants and so Blair gets mad and the two get into this catfight.


i think that B's mad that S finally decided to become the center of attention.


where can u find the picture of blair kissing a guy that sorta kinda looks like dan?


you guys dont know its about nate.. in the previews for season 2 blair is asking serena about nate, and didnt they go out then? and if blair had a problem with it then, she would've fought her then. not in a later episode. and besides, doesnt blair have chuck...? :)


It is probably over Nate.


It's defiantly Blair in the photo, there's a video ware Blake was talking about the scene and how they couldn't stop laughing threw the whole thing. Heres a link: It's probaly about a guy or maybe a collage.


its most definately about serena going out with nate


The guy in the promos, was marcus, blair's new guy.
And the girl in the photo's hair is too long to be blair, whoever the chic is she looks kinda intoxicated.

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