Gossip Girl Caption Contest 17

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Welcome to Gossip Girl Insider and the 17th Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

This week's winner is Paul. Congrats! The winning entry appears below!

Thank you to all for playing and best of luck again in this week's edition.

Nate and Vanessa Photo

Vanessa: You mean now you're charging me for a date?
Nate: Well I gotta make a living. And my mom needs to reupholster the sofa.

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Vanessa holds out money
Nate: Dammit Vanessa! I told you that me being a jigalo was over! Anyways that time was free.


Why so pensive N ? Something's on your mind, or should I say someone ?


nate omg i just crapped my pants just be quiet maybe she won't notice
vanessa hey nate here's a napkin go take care of that


nate:eww this food is gross
vanessa:do you need my tissue to spit it out?


Vanessa: (Thinking) "..He looks so angry!"
Nate: (Thinking) "...I wanted DIET, not caffiene free!"


Nate: ooohh babie look Chuck is over there...
Vanessa: your kidding... right?? rightttttt???!!!


Vanessa: I hope he really likes me... Nate: (in his head) This coffee tastes like crap, i wish i was at starbucks.


Vanessa: About this 'dating' thing...
Nate: I'm very low maintenance.
Vanessa: That's good. I haven't dated many guys...what sort of things did you do with Blair? When you went out with her?
Nate: Oh, you know. Made-out, slept with her best friend, argued, took her to dinner to make up for it, made-out, broke up over Gossip Girl, got back together, took her to a ball, slept with her, broke up because she slept with my best friend who caused me to get in a fight with another guy over her...relationship stuff.
Vanessa: Yes, very low maintenance.


Vanessa: Are you seriously staring at that guy? Nate: I can't believe that he got paid more than me! (in his head: I am so hotter than him)


N: i think i broke a tooth
V: aw poor baby *makes baby face*

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