Gossip Girl Pictures From "The Dark Night"

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Next week's new episode, "The Dark Night," looks like the best of the Gossip Girl season so far. We'll post a full episode recap for you in the next few days, as we again are lucky enough to have an advance DVD copy to review.

But for now, here are some pictures from the episode. Click to enlarge ...

  • Marcus, Blair
  • Catherine the Great
  • Dandy Derena
  • Sexy Nate, Vanessa
  • Basshole Lurks
  • Cougar Action!
  • The Beautiful B
  • Sweet Talker
  • HOT!
  • Nate
  • Spotted!

Follow the jump for even more Gossip Girl photos - and if you haven't seen the sneak peaks of "The Dark Night" yet, well... you gotta see these videos!

  • Dan Takes a Call
  • Vanessa Abrams Photo
  • The Object of Affection
  • Candles
  • Bitches
  • Mover and Shaker
  • More Nanessa
  • Nathaniel
  • Damsel in Distress
  • Vanessa, Nate
  • The Dark Night
  • Nate and Vanessa Photo
  • V-Card
  • Nate and Catherine

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Cant wait to see this ep.


Blair and Chuck making out when the lights are out was so sexual.


uh...no the dont *laughs hysterically* BLAIR OWNS THEM BOTH MWAHAHAHAHAHA




Ps:...i have a foreboding feeling that Nate and Vanessa will get together later...*shudder* hope not !


*Gasp* The Blair/Chuck pic: hot hot HOT! i love it! ^_^


i am new to gossip girl and only started watching this season i love ed westwicks character and leighton meesters character chuck and blair are scheming and coniving i love it they so belong together hopefully by the end of the season they will finally admit they still love eachother and will be together because the tension between them is killing me but i have to say i love every moment :D


dude who da hell cares about vanessa??!!why cant she just go jump off a cliff or sumthing if sh died i would laugh.N+S!


lily is so hot oh my effin god!


I am soo excited for some Blair/Chuck action. They are so much more interesting than Dan and Serena.

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