Grey's Anatomy News & Spoilers: Wednesday Edition

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Season Five of Grey's Anatomy is a little over one week (!) away and the rumors, spoilers and news - not to mention the excitement - surrounding the premiere, are building by the day. What's the latest on our favorite show this morning?

Enter Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly ...

Q: Do you have any inside info on what Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy holds for Izzie and Alex? Their chemistry is great.

A: Let's just say you'll have a really good idea where these two are headed by the end of the two-hour opener on September 25 - which, BTW, I just watched and really enjoyed. Turns out Kevin McKidd is all that and a bag of chips.


Q: What's going on with Grey's Anatomy's Callica (Callie and Erica)?!

A: There's an awesome, awkward, totally endearing scene between the two of them at the end of the premiere. Sara Ramirez, in particular, is just fantastic. Meanwhile, looking ahead there's buzz that Callica may not be the only members of Seattle Grace's rapidly expanding LGBT community. There's a rumor going around that when the casting call for the new female intern went out last month, interested parties were told they had to be comfortable making out with both men and women. Coincidence then that the actress who got the role hails from The L Word? Only time will tell!

Q: How about some Grey's Anatomy scoop on someone other than Meredith Grey-Derek Shepherd or Cristina Yang-Owen Hunt?

A: The show is casting the role of a female patient who develops a multi-episode crush on one of the docs. My guess: We're looking at a potential love interest for McSteamy.

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Oh, I love this. I've been having salimir thoughts lately, but they scare me. And then I think that I need to retreat into some sort of cave and come out when I feel loving again. Or at least, tolerant.


i just want to see a normal programme. not oprah or singing o rubbish, spoilt the emotion of programme tonight.


I really like callie and erica together i hope they make them a couple.


I can't wait to see the new guy, GI joe, and Cristina in a romance again :)
but I certainly want to see mcsteamy with someone!!!


mcKidd just doesn´t fit in GA
I´ve watched him in made of honor and he is ok, nothing special to me but can´t say he´s bad... but in greys?!


Yeah, it's all in the eye of the beholder because I'm diggin' them all, except McKidd.... He just doesn't do anything for me. LOL I'm super excited! I can't wait! It's gonna be sooooo amazing!

Avatar i didnt know how else to tell anyone on here so others can see it too, but on u tube there is a link to see "the stitches" season 4 grey's anatomy bloopers. its funny! I LOVE GREY'S! im so glad i can watch it online in the uk, its so delayed here they only just started showing season 4!


i CAN'T wait! =D
i need me some grey's!


McKidd is hot & perfect for Christina. And it'll be great to see him opposite Derek, BUT NO ONE CAN REPLACE OUR MCDREAMY!!!


I really hope that Callie and Erica don't avoid each other through the entire premier until the end! I have been waiting so long to see where they are going..but..I guess 2 hours won't be the worst thing..

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